Feb 1, 2004
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Am Comfortably Dumb..., Male, from Virginia

So- how does Norman Watt-Roy factor into this equation? Nov 29, 2020

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      So- how does Norman Watt-Roy factor into this equation?
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      From "C" to shining "C"...
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    Qualified Mental Health Supports Specialist
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    Rock, Rock, Rock, and most anything with a beat AKA, Elvin Jones, etc.
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    1966 Fender Precision (Sunburst over Alder)
    1973 Fender Precision (Blonde over Ash)
    Kay Hollow
    Hofner Club
    Gibson EBO-F
    Epiphone Embassy
    1968 Fender Telecaster Bass (different)
    1972 Fender P Bass
    1980 Fender Bullet (purchased new)
    1966 Guild Starfire
    Danelectro Shorthorn
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    Pensa-Suhr Koa
    1975 Fender Jazz Bass
    Abe Rivera 5
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    Warwick Streamer Wenge/Cherry 3-D Fretless
    Carl Thompson 36" 5 string
    Ibanez SR-800 (Gun Metal Gray)
    A Bass (Pre Jade)
    Ibanez SR1300
    Cort Jazz Copy
    Peavey Unity Koa
    Roscoe LG2000
    Ibanez LA Custom Mace Bailey Proto 4
    Ian Waller era Wal Carpathian Elm Burl Body (solid)
    Ian Waller era Wal with Wenge facings
    Carl Thompson Scroll 4 (1976)
    Sadowsky Ash Maple Quilt
    Modulus/Anderson P-J
    John Carruthers Custom 4
    Modulus Graphite NT P-J Fretless
    Vigier Passion III
    Vigier Passion III
    Vigier Excess (3)
    Roomian Fretless (J-J)
    Yamaha 550M
    Ibanez SR800 Black
    1996 Fender Mexican P
    1994 Fender Mexican P
    Schecter/Rockinger Wenge/Paduak J Bass
    Peavey Fury
    1995 Fender Fotoflame Jazz
    Fender P Lyte
    Tom Anderson/Schecter P-J
    Bogart Proto Wood Necked 5
    Pierre LaPorte NT 6
    Allparts/Wildwood P

    There's more, I added some while typing...

    1976 Music Man Sting Ray (white pickup)
    1994 Curbow International Petite 4
    Nick Petrik Custom NT with BassTec J Pickups
    Early Kenneth Lawrence 4
    Nova (John Buscarino) 4
    Fodera NYC 4
    Ken Smith Koa Top 4
    Zon bolt on Flamed Maple single pickup (fretted)
    1975 Gibson EB-3
    Kalamazoo (Gibson) EBO bolt on
    Early Kinal NT Fretless LEFTY (what was I thinking?)
    Warwick Dolphin Pro II
    Warmoth Wide 6 with Koa P Body (J-J)
    Early set neck Hamer Cruise (all mahogany)
    1966 Fender jazz (poorly refinished black, neck and all)
    1958 Fender Precision
    Super early Gretsch 6070, flamed giant neck!
    Mid 70's factory fretless Rickenbacker 4001
    Vigier Arpege'
    Zeta Prism
    Surine Affinity 4
    Norik Renson Fretless 5 (Williams Pre)
    Garz Guitars 4 Bass
    G.A.S. List:
    Impossible in one lifetime.
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    50 years of dedicated playing.
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