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Oct 12, 2022
Sep 9, 2022
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Portland, OR area
Healthcare recruiter


Male, from Portland, OR area

Pacific NW side man. Sep 10, 2022

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Oct 12, 2022
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      Pacific NW side man.
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    Portland, OR area
    Healthcare recruiter
    Current Setup:
    -1980s Romanian built Karl Knilling upright. My main axe. Solid top with laminate back and sides. Built like a tank and I love it. Realist pickup. Fishman platinum pro eq.
    -NS NXT electric upright. Picked this up 2 years ago on a smokin' deal. Mostly rehearsal and gigged once or twice. It's super handy but there is no comparison in style and tone of an acoustic upright bass.
    - 2010 USA Fender P bass - passive, single pickup 5 string with flats. My first and only US fender. It kills.
    - 1990s Ibanez ABG. 32" scale with chrome flats. This bass worked a boat load of Swing gigs and I love it. Sounds like an upright when plucked close to end of fretboard.
    -Epiphone Viola bass. Got this last year and digging the short scale.
    - 2013 Fender MIM FSR Jazz. Project bass. Warmoth neck with tall skinny frets. Badass II bridge, Schaller tuners, Hipshot string retainer, Will eventually upgrade pickups to Aguilar 60s. This is my round wound spank plank.
    -2007 Squire fretless Jaco bass. Bought this new for $280. No mods yet. Tape wound strings. Good bass.
    -Solid body Kala Ubass - This is my back up bass on gigs. I snuck it in during 3rd set of a roots country/western swing gig and the players at front of stage thought I was still playing upright in back of the stage.
    -Markbass cmd 102 combo amp. Got this new in 2010 and it rules.
    -Warwick Gnome mini head. Fairly new. Jury is out on this one. Haven't dialed in a good tone for upright yet.
    -Aguilar GS 112 cab. I use this with Markbass combo when more power is needed. And with Warwick Gnome at jazz rehearsal space.
    -Fender Rumble Studio 40. This is a fun living room amp with a ton of effects. It's also my guitar rig. For an indie rock band rehearsal space, I'm plugging an electric bass and tele guitar via AB switch into this amp and feeding into either PA or Markbass combo (because this amp is not loud but has cool effects).
    Favorite Genres:
    Straight ahead Jazz, Roots rock/roots country, Reggae, Indie Rock, Progressive Rock, Bach, Afro Cuban
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    My YouTube channel

    Neon Moss ( jazz quartet)

    Heat Lake Owl (progressive indie folk)

    Various sideman gigs in swing, roots country, roots rock
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Ampeg SVT 3 stack with 2X10 and 1x15
    Hartke 4x10
    G.A.S. List:
    Ibanez Prestige 5000, Ibanez Premium SR 1900
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Ultimate, Disc Golf, Soccer, Hiking, Beer
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    • Double Bass Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    15 years teaching experience. 30 years performance experience.
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