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Apr 25, 2008
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Would you happen to have a cookie for me?, from Wee bit west-o-Philly - SEPA

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Dec 5, 2016 at 8:27 PM
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    Home Page:
    Wee bit west-o-Philly - SEPA
    Current Setup:
    1973 Fender P - natural ash (butterscotch), black PG, maple, TI's - all'73
    1974 Fender P - black, black, maple - all original but for the new CTS pots. Back in the rotation.
    1971 Firemist restorarion by John Kallas
    1962 Fender P - RW fingerboard, Oly (yellowing) white, no pickguard but a control plate like Wetton's after it was white. TI's.
    1971 Fender P - stripped alder with rosewood neck, pickguardian tort, '81 Fullerton '57 pups, old schaller drop-D. Rotates with '74 Mocha as number 1 gig bass.
    1972 3TSB built/restored by John Kallas. Based on a 1970 body and '72 neck, '76 pups. Rings like a piano.
    1976 Fender P - natural, black, maple, TI's - was all original (now with Aguilar P60's, new pots) - my "usual No. 2" with the '74 mocha as No. 1.
    1974 Fender P - walnut/mocha, black, rosewood from all '74 parts (except the '77 pups!), TI's and an old Schaller drop-D makes this my primary gig bass now.
    1972 Fender P - black, black, rosewood - bought on a whim, favorite sounding/playing bass. Wears TI flats. Semi-retired now.
    1978 Fender P - trans red - first bass with a pro-setup. Nice bass but a tad heavier than I like. Wears TI flats. Lives under the bed.
    '59 Custom Shop P in Burgundy Mist - wow! Not getting much time as I am migrating towards the narrow '70's necks.
    1964 Fender P, refin in fiesta. Wears TI flats.
    '01 American Vintage '57 P - Dakota Red! - OK, now this is "The One"!
    '97 AV '57 - black - Nice bass with tons of sustain.
    '96 AV '62 - burst (anniversary sticker), amazing neck.
    Sting-edition P bass (seldom off the wall anymore)
    '07(ish) Fender Jazz - Audere, Nordstrand NJ4SE's, Gotoh 201, GHS M/L Boomers
    '08 Squier Vintage Modified TB w Fender flats, otherwise stock
    '08 Squier Jazz - stock
    Plus.... half a dozen frankenbasses built from mostly Hwy-1 (or One) bodies and 50's Classic or AV RI or 70's necks.

    Amps & Cabs that I own
    Peavey 50W combo
    Shuttle 6.0 x 2 (one as spare)
    Bergantino AE112 x 2
    Aguilar DB112 x 2
    Shuttle 9.0
    Shuttle 6.0 combo with extension cab
    Shutlemax 6.0 on a STL210 and 115 stack
    GBE 750
    GBE 1200

    Current gig setup
    Bergantino HD410
    Shuttlemax 9.2
    GB Uber 410
    Favorite Genres:
    Classic blues/rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Church Youth Group & Sunday gigs for God. Secular band, "Work Release" - http://www.workreleaseband.com
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Markbass LMII
    Markbass LMIII
    2006 '62 AV RI Fender P in Oly white. Wanted to love this bass but just could not seem to bond with it.
    Pino - egads this thing was fabulous but I got tired of answering the "what year is that bass" so it got traded for a '59 CS white-over ash.
    G.A.S. List:
    Gas free....unless I see another '70's lightweight....
    Influences and Teachers:
    Babbitt (of course)
    Jamerson (of course)
    JPJ (of course)
    Willie Weeks
    Dale Peters
    John McVie


    OK, this AV '57 RI in Dakota Red is THE one...pretty sure..I think..
    P&W #337
    Gig Gear
    Fender P Parts Bass - MJT in Sherwood Green with a '71 1.60 maple neck, Aguilar 4P 60 pups, TI's, Shuttlemax 9.2, UBER410

    Work Release Band
    The Cozy | Facebook "Progressive Chill"
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