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Would you happen to have a cookie for me?, from Wee bit west-o-Philly - SEPA

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    Home Page:
    Wee bit west-o-Philly - SEPA
    Current Setup:
    1973 Fender P - natural ash (butterscotch), black PG, maple, TI's - all'73
    1974 Fender P - black, black, maple - all original but for the new CTS pots. Back in the rotation.
    1971 Firemist restorarion by John Kallas
    1962 Fender P - RW fingerboard, Oly (yellowing) white, no pickguard but a control plate like Wetton's after it was white. TI's.
    1971 Fender P - stripped alder with rosewood neck, pickguardian tort, '81 Fullerton '57 pups, old schaller drop-D. Rotates with '74 Mocha as number 1 gig bass.
    1972 3TSB built/restored by John Kallas. Based on a 1970 body and '72 neck, '76 pups. Rings like a piano.
    1976 Fender P - natural, black, maple, TI's - was all original (now with Aguilar P60's, new pots) - my "usual No. 2" with the '74 mocha as No. 1.
    1974 Fender P - walnut/mocha, black, rosewood from all '74 parts (except the '77 pups!), TI's and an old Schaller drop-D makes this my primary gig bass now.
    1972 Fender P - black, black, rosewood - bought on a whim, favorite sounding/playing bass. Wears TI flats. Semi-retired now.
    1978 Fender P - trans red - first bass with a pro-setup. Nice bass but a tad heavier than I like. Wears TI flats. Lives under the bed.
    '59 Custom Shop P in Burgundy Mist - wow! Not getting much time as I am migrating towards the narrow '70's necks.
    1964 Fender P, refin in fiesta. Wears TI flats.
    '01 American Vintage '57 P - Dakota Red! - OK, now this is "The One"!
    '97 AV '57 - black - Nice bass with tons of sustain.
    '96 AV '62 - burst (anniversary sticker), amazing neck.
    Sting-edition P bass (seldom off the wall anymore)
    '07(ish) Fender Jazz - Audere, Nordstrand NJ4SE's, Gotoh 201, GHS M/L Boomers
    '08 Squier Vintage Modified TB w Fender flats, otherwise stock
    '08 Squier Jazz - stock
    Plus.... half a dozen frankenbasses built from mostly Hwy-1 (or One) bodies and 50's Classic or AV RI or 70's necks.

    Amps & Cabs that I own
    Peavey 50W combo
    Shuttle 6.0 x 2 (one as spare)
    Bergantino AE112 x 2
    Aguilar DB112 x 2
    Shuttle 9.0
    Shuttle 6.0 combo with extension cab
    Shutlemax 6.0 on a STL210 and 115 stack
    GBE 750
    GBE 1200

    Current gig setup
    Bergantino HD410
    Shuttlemax 9.2
    GB Uber 410
    Favorite Genres:
    Classic blues/rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Church Youth Group & Sunday gigs for God. Secular band, "Work Release" - http://www.workreleaseband.com
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Markbass LMII
    Markbass LMIII
    2006 '62 AV RI Fender P in Oly white. Wanted to love this bass but just could not seem to bond with it.
    Pino - egads this thing was fabulous but I got tired of answering the "what year is that bass" so it got traded for a '59 CS white-over ash.
    G.A.S. List:
    Gas free....unless I see another '70's lightweight....
    Influences and Teachers:
    John Wetton (of course)
    Babbitt (of course)
    Jamerson (of course)
    JPJ (of course)
    Willie Weeks
    Dale Peters
    John McVie


    OK, this AV '57 RI in Dakota Red is THE one...pretty sure..I think..
    P&W #337
    Gig Gear
    1971 Fender "resto" by John Kallas - firemist gold, DiMarzio pups, TI's, Shuttle 6.2, Revsound RS212Ts

    The Cozy | Facebook "Progressive Chill" - an all originals, all instrumental trio
    Sound Check, by The Cozy - 1st album still on Bandcamp!!! - Sound Check - same album, various paths
    Official Bootleg EP, by The Cozy - 2nd album EP has hit the street!
    the Cozy playlist - YouTube
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