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Sep 20, 2020
Nov 19, 2006
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Somewhere near Raleigh

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Why Can't We All Get Along?, Male, from Somewhere near Raleigh

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Sep 20, 2020
    1. ack
      Have Fun. Be Nice. Mean People Suck
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    Somewhere near Raleigh
    Current Setup:
    Peavey T-45 (Black/Maple) - 1982
    Peavey Patriot (White/Maple) - 1985
    Peavey Foundation (Mahogany/Maple) - 1987
    Peavey Dyna Unity P/J w/ DiMarzio DP126 (Koa/Purpleheart) - 1991
    Peavey Sarzo Sig. (Red Maple/Purpleheart/Ebony) - 1991
    Peavey Foundation (White/Rosewood) - 1993
    Peavey Forum (P/J) w/ DiMarzio DP126 - w/ '93 Fury neck (Cream/Maple) - 1994
    Peavey Axcelerator 2T (CAR/Rosewood)
    Peavey Axcelerator 5 (Met. Burgundy/Rosewood) - 1995
    Peavey Axcelerator 6 (Black sparkle / Pau Ferro)
    2006 G&L L2000 Tribute (MIK) (Black/Maple)
    2008 G&L JB-2 Tribute (MII) (3TS/Rosewood)
    SX RWB1 6-string (MIC)
    Frankenstein P/J: Warmouth body/MightyMite neck /DiMarzio PJ/Fender tuners/Gotoh bridge

    -Markbass CMD 102P (2x10 /500W combo)
    -Markbass 102HF (2x10 extension cabinet)
    -Peavey Mark VIII head
    -MXR M80 DI+
    -Zoom B3
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, Rockabilly, Punkabilly
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1981 MIA Peavey T-40 (Sunburst/Rosewood)
    1983 Peavey Fury (Natural /Rosewood) slanted Super Ferrite
    1983 MIA Peavey Fury (slanted Super Ferrite - Met. Blue/Maple)
    1985 MIA Peavey Patriot (Mahogany/Maple)
    1986 MIA Peavey Foundation (Met. Red/Rosewood)
    1990 MIA Peavey Fury P (White/Maple)
    1991 MIA Peavey RJ-IV (P/J) (Blackburst/Ebony)
    1992 MIA Peavey Foundation (Black/Maple)
    1993 MIA Peavey Foundation (Red/Maple)
    1994 MIA Peavey Axcelerator Plus 4 (White/Pau Ferro)
    2000 MIA Peavey Millennium (J/MM) (LPB/Pau Ferro)
    Gretsch 2202 (MIK)
    Fender P (MIM)
    Fender Am Std P (MIA)
    Fender P/J Special (MIM)
    1998 Fender Jazz (MIM)
    Dean Edge-1 (MIK)
    Samick Greg Bennett RLB4 (MIK)
    Turser JT-401B (MIC)
    Yamaha RBX170 (MII)
    Danelectro 63RI (MIC)
    Danelectro Rumor P-Bass (MIC)
    Epiphone Thunderbird IV (MIC)
    Hohner B-Bass 4 (MIK)
    '05 Fender American Series P
    1983 Kramer Pioneer "Double-J"

    Peavey Pro500 Amp
    Peavey TVX210/BX115BW Cabs
    G.A.S. List:
    Influences and Teachers:
    Craig Bloxom, Mike Mills, Colin Edwin, Graham Maby, Billy Gould, Gary Thain, John McVie, Dan Maines, Guy Pratt, Roger Glover, Nathan East
    Hobbies and Interests:
    hockey & dirtbikes (KTM rules)


    Be nice - mean people suck!
    U.S. Peavey Club #191; P/J Club #165; Clutch Rules #10001110101

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