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Jun 7, 2013
Jul 1, 2006
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DC area

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from DC area

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Jun 7, 2013
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    DC area
    Current Setup:
    Birdsong Cortobasic model
    Birdsong C bass

    1968 Ampeg B15N
    Cafe Walter Headphone Amp
    Ashdown ABM Evo II
    Ampeg SVT CL
    Bergantino NV610
    Ampeg 410HLF

    EHX English muff'n
    EHX Big Muff
    EHX russian big muff
    Zoom MRT3B drum machine

    And guitar: Peavey T60, washburn acoustic, vintage MIJ Epiphone acoustic, MIJ Vantage Les Paul copy, Guild J30B
    Previously Owned Gear:
    squier P-bass
    Ibanez SR506
    MIM P bass
    50th anniv. J bass #338
    Warwick Corvette STD
    Warwick Corvette FNA
    Aria Pro II SB-1000
    Peavey T-max head
    Peavey TVX 210 w/ Eminence speakers
    lots of boss pedals
    Sansamp BDDI
    EHX English Muff'n
    Pre-upgrade Highway 1 P bass
    Dirnt Sig p
    Franken J w/EMGs
    Geddy Lee Sig J
    EBMM SR5
    EBMM Sterling
    Fender Highway 1, Lindy Fralin Pickups, shell pink
    Ibanez Doug Wimbish Signature 4
    2x Berg HT110
    Ampeg B25 cabinet rewired to 4 ohms (Eminence speakers)
    Ampeg V4B (late seventies)
    Ear Candy Bass Bomb 212
    G.A.S. List:
    EBMM stingray
    Birdsong Fusion
    Birdsong Odyssey
    Landing LDS2
    Custom bass of my own design

    And Guitars: Vintage Martin D35
    Influences and Teachers:
    Tim Commerford, Matt freeman, Les Claypool
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Mountain Bikes


    perpetual noob

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