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Aug 13, 2007
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Cincy, OH


Don't surround yourself with yourself., from Cincy, OH

Supporting Member
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  • About

    Cincy, OH
    Current Setup:
    Ibanez Grooveline G105
    Gibson BAEB4 2018
    Gibson BAEB5 2017
    Gibson SG Bass
    Ibanez SRH500F

    Trickfish Bullhead .5k
    Gallien Krueger 700RBii
    Gibson GB440

    Revsound RS210
    Genz Benz 112T With Beyma reload X2.
    Roland Combo Cab with Deltalite 12 reload
    Chopshop S12B

    Black Star Fly Bass

    Broughton Audio High Pass Filter
    Solid Gold FX Beta
    Boss Bass Chorus
    One Control Minimal AB Box
    Favorite Genres:
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Invisible Republic, Stillwell Beckett
    Previously Owned Gear:
    48th Street Custom Jazz Bass,
    70's Precision neck/Jazz body Frankenlicious!
    Alvarez AB60CE Acoustic
    Bacchus BPB-100EX
    Bacchus Woodline DX5
    Brubaker JXB5
    Brubaker Brute MJX5
    Brubaker Brute SC5
    Carvin AC40F,
    Carvin B4,
    Carvin BK50 Fretless
    Carvin Icon 4S,
    Carvin Icon 5 Fretless
    Carvin Icon 5,
    Carvin Icon 5S,
    Carvin Icon 5W,
    Carvin LB75,
    Carvin SB5001
    Clement #130 4 String fretted,
    Clement #213 Fretless 5 string
    Clement #296 Fretted 4
    Clement #306 Fretless 4
    Crate Electra Bass
    Defretted Warmoth P/J,
    Douglas Pisces
    Elrick Gold NJS5
    ESP RB1005 X 2
    ESP Vintage 214 Fretless
    Fender 2 Am Deluxe P Bass Specials,
    Fender 51 Precision RI,
    Fender 62 Jazz Bass AVRI
    Fender AD Jazz V
    Fender Am Dlx Precision (2013)
    Fender Am Standard Precision (2011)
    Fender Deluxe American Jazz 4
    Fender Deluxe Jazz 24
    Fender FM Telebass
    Fender Fretless P Bass (76)
    Fender Geddy Lee Jazz,
    Fender Jazz Bass
    Fender MIA 75 Jazz RI,
    Fender MIA Deluxe P 1998
    Fender MIA FSR Fender Jazz
    Fender MIJ 75 Jazz RI
    Fender MIJ P Bass (86)
    Fender MIM 70s Jazz RI,
    Fender MIM Fender Fretless Jazz,
    Fender MIM Jazz 5
    Fender MIM Jazz Fretless Epoxy board.
    Fender P bass 1976
    Fender Precision (2007)
    Fender Precision (2013)
    Fender Precision (50s Lacquer) X2
    Fender Precision (83)
    Fender Precision PBAC-100 Fretless
    Fender Precision Special (1980)
    Fender/Warmoth Fretless Jazz,
    Fretless Yamaha ERB070
    G&L L1000 (81)
    Gibson EB0 (73)
    Gibson SG Special Bass
    Gibson SG Standard Bass
    Ibanez AGB140
    Ibanez ATK500
    Ibanez Blazer (1980)
    Ibanez Blazer (1981)
    Ibanez BTB 405,
    Ibanez EDA900
    Ibanez EDB555 X2
    Ibanez EXB445
    Ibanez Jazz Bass 1976
    Ibanez Portamento Fretless
    Ibanez RD900AH
    Ibanez SR1005EFM
    Ibanez SR5XXV
    Ibanez SR800,
    Ibanez SRT800DX
    Ibanez SRT805DX defret
    Ibanez SRT900DX
    Ibanez SRX700
    Ibanez SRX705
    Ibanez TR505
    J Body/Status Fretless P neck
    J Body/Status Fretted P neck
    Lakland 44-01,
    Lakland 44-02
    Lakland 44-60
    Lakland 55 01
    Mike Lull M4V Fretless
    MIA Peavey Fury 4 string.
    Misc Franken basses,
    Modulus VJ,
    MPG Level 5
    MTD Artist 4 Fretless
    Music Man MIA SUB
    Music Man Stingray HH,
    o' Schmidt OEB-3
    Peavey Axcelerator Plus Fretless
    Peavey G Bass
    Peavey US Cirrus 5,
    Peavey US Millenium 5 String,
    Pedulla Rapture 5,
    Pedulla Rapture RB4
    Reverend Decision,
    Reverend Mercalli 5 20th Anniv.
    Reverend Rumblefish,
    Rickenbacker 4003,
    Rickenbacker 4003SW
    Rickenbacker 4003W
    Rickenbacker 4004 Ci
    Rickenbacker 4004 Cii Cheyenne
    Roscoe SKB3005 #6038
    Sire V7
    Spector 4 string import (my first bass)
    Spector Coda 4 Deluxe,
    Spector Coda 5 DLX
    Spector Coda Pro 4
    Spector NS2J,
    Squier CV 50's P Bass X3
    Squier James Johnston Jazz Bass
    Squier SS Jaguar
    Squier VM 5 string P Bass
    Squier VM Fretless ,
    Squier VM Jazz 5 string
    Squier VM TB P Bass
    Status/Warmoth Franken J,
    STR LS549
    SX 57P
    SX Fretless Jazz (LPB w/Matching headstock)
    SX J,
    SX P,
    SX P/J,
    SX SJB-62 4+1 5-String Fretless,
    SX SJB-75,
    The Orange Jazz Bass(House of Kolor Painted Squier)
    Tobias Renegade 5,
    Veillette Singlecut 5
    Walnut Franken P Fretless
    Warmoth/Fender Franken P/J
    Warmoth/Fender GL J Bass
    Warrior Bella 62'
    Warwick Corvette Fretless
    Warwick Thumb Bolt-on
    Yamaha BB404
    Yamaha BB800 (1980)
    Yamaha BX-1
    Yamaha Franken BB
    Zon Sonus Custom 5

    Aguilar Tone Hammer 500
    Ampeg SVT Classic
    Ampeg SVT7Pro
    Ashdown ABM500-C115,
    Ashdown NeoC210 Combo
    Ashdown LG1000
    Carvin BX500
    EBS Reidmar 750
    Eden WT405
    Epifani Piccolo 600
    Fender Bassman 135
    Fender Bassman 250
    Fender Rumble 500 V3 Head
    Genz Benz GB210 reloaded
    Genz Benz GBE 600,
    Genz Benz GBE750
    Genz Benz Neo pak 3.5
    Genz Benz Shuttlemax 12.0
    Genz Benz Streamliner 600
    GK 1001 RB-II
    GK 700RBII
    GK Backline 600
    GK Fusion 550
    GK MB500
    GK MB800
    Hartke LH500
    Markbass F1
    Markbass LM2
    Markbass LM Ninja
    Markbass SD800
    Mesa Boogie D180
    Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine
    Mesa Boogie Subway D800
    Mesa Boogie Subway D800+
    Orange AD200B Mark 3
    Orange OB1-500
    Orange Terror Bass 500
    SWR 350
    SWR WM 4004
    Thunderfunk 550
    Traynor YBA-1

    Avatar 2X10
    Avatar 2X12,
    Baer ML115
    Bag End D12B
    Bag End S12B
    Bag End S15D
    Carvin BRX2.10Neo
    Carvin Neo 115
    EA Wizzy 112's X2
    Eden D210XST
    Fender Pro 115
    Genz Benz 210T reloaded
    Genz Benz LS112T,
    Genzler 12/3 Bass array X 2
    GK MB115
    GK Neo115-III X 2
    Hartke Transporter 4 X 10
    Kustom KBA35
    LDS cab 15,10 & Tweeter (Neo Triad)
    LDS/Faital single 15
    Markbass NY 122
    Orange OBC115 (With Kappalite reload)
    Roland DB500
    Schroeder 15PL
    SWR Henry The 8X8

    Darkglass Vintage Micro Tubes
    Line 6 M13
    Fairfield Barbershop
    Zoom MS60B
    Ampeg Scrambler
    Influences and Teachers:
    John Entwistle, Percy Jones, Chris Squire, Tony Levin, Chris Wood, Paul Jackson, Baghiti Khumalo, Ray Brown
    Hobbies and Interests:


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