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    Current Setup:
    Warwick SS II Fretless (4-string)
    Warwick SS II (4-string) SD Bassline
    Warwick Pro I (soon to be Fretless 4-string)
    Warwick Pro I (4-string)
    Warwick Infinity NT Fretless (4-string)
    Warwick Infinity NT (4-string)
    Warwick SS I Fretless (4-string)
    Warwick SS I (4-string)

    NS Design CR4M (4-string)
    Tobias Toby Pro Fretless (5-string) SDG/EMG

    FEA Labs DB-CL

    Micheal Pope MPP-1 / Crest CA9
    Aguilar DB680 / DB659 / DB728
    Eden WP100 / WT1250
    Hellborg Pre / Power 500

    Mesa M9
    Mesa V12
    Ampeg SVT-2 Pro
    Carvin B1500

    Bergantino HT115 (8Ω)
    Carvin LS1503 (8Ω) Kappalite 3015
    BFM DR250 (8Ω)
    SWR Big Ben (8Ω) Bag End
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Warwick Corvette Std (4),
    Covette Std Fretless (4),
    Thumb NT (4)
    Ibanez SR400 (4)
    Ibanez EDA905 (5-string)
    Fender Jazz Plus Fretless (4)
    Fender Tony Franklin Fretless (4)

    MarkBass LMII
    Bag End S15XD, S15D
    Eden WT1000, WT800a, WT800b, WT550b, WT600, WT400, D410XST, D410XLT, D410T, D210T
    SWR Goliath I
    Mesa M6
    Genz Benz 12.0 Max
    Aguilar DB751, DB750, AG500, GS-112, DB359
    EA VL-210
    Bergantino HT210, HT310, HT322, NV425
    Yorkville XM200T, XS400T, XC115
    Ampeg B200R
    G.A.S. List:
    FEA Labs DE-CL, Opti-FET Comp
    Jule Amps De-Monique
    Baer Amplification VALKYRIE
    Big E 6x6
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Christian Louboutin, Herm├Ęs HAC


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