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May 26, 2017 at 10:08 PM
Sep 28, 2008
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Pennsylvania, USA


Male, from Pennsylvania, USA

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May 26, 2017 at 10:08 PM
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    Pennsylvania, USA
    Current Setup:
    Many Basses
    Warwick Streamers, Stage 1, Pro-M 4, Pro-M 5
    Various Fender Jazz & P Basses 4, 5 string, Massively modded Music-Master short scale
    MusicMan Sting Rays; Sabre
    Lakland 44-02
    Alembic Europa 5
    Spector NS2s
    Ibanez Paduk 4, Wenge 5 SR5005OL, ATK - 700QM & 750 Koa, 1206, RD500's, RD900
    Carvin LB-20 Fretless, LB-75's, BB70,75s, SB4000, Carvin woods: Maple, Walnut, Koa
    BC Rich Eagle - Maple early 1980's
    G&L L-2000, L-2500
    Peavey Dyna bass Fretless, Unity basses (3) maple and (3) Koa, Rudy Sarzo 1980's Red with J East preamp,
    Peavey TL-5 (v2) x (2)
    Silver Star Spalted Chambered 5 string

    1970's Ampeg SVT - amp and cabinet,
    Carvin BX1500 head -used with Cyclops or other cabs
    Peavey Mark XIII head
    QSC 1804 power amp used with various preamps and cabinets.
    dbx 223XL crossover for use with preamps without a built in crossover.
    Alesis Parametric EQ and Compressor Expander
    In addition to the SVT cabinet I have:
    Two SWR Triad cabinets,
    Carvin BR210, BR115, older V410T - 4X10, Cyclops with (1) 15-(2)X8 and horn,
    Two Peavey 1810 cabinets,
    A Peavey 1980's single 15 cabinet now with an EV Proline speaker,
    Fender Bassman 25 and Music Master practice amps

    Alembic Fx-1
    Pearce BC1 with Billy Scheehan Mod
    Ampeg SVP Pro
    SansAmp RBI & RPI
    Line6 Bass PODXT II and Bass Pod XT Live floor model
    Line Bass POD 1 desk top model sometimes used in gig or rehearsal rig
    Carvin - Pro Bass 15, R600 head converted to preamp
    Two ART Nightbass preamps v-1 & v-2

    Also various: guitars, amps, keyboards, and recording gear.

    I do not use a lot of pedals but I do use the following:
    Sansamp Bass driver DI
    Hartke Bass Attack
    Nathan East NE-1
    Presonus - Blue max half space compressor
    Boss VF-1 - half space effects unit
    Eden WTDI
    ART Tube parametric Eq. and Pro Channel
    Sampson wireless - live
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Classic dance/rock, Modern /classic rock, Several original projects ranging from modern, heavy, to blues rock, funk, pop rock etc.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Unfortunately I have not sold a lot of gear in the past for I tend to hold on to what I buy but that will be changing soon. I am knowledgeable with what I own and with a lot of items I have tried out in my travels which I have not listed here.
    G.A.S. List:
    Not all that much at the moment. Maybe a VT Bass/Deluxe pedal or VT version 2. I recently bought a Eden WTDI pedal I was up in the air about it. Though I was not overly impressed with it when I first tried one out at a G.C. I eventually bought one here on TB and it is fabulous.