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Female, from Washington, DC

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    Washington, DC
    Current Setup:
    2019 Fender Nate Mendel P (heavily modified)
    2016 Lowdown Bass Guitars PJ (Bookmatched flame maple brownburst, flame neck, RW, Nordy PUPs)
    2016 Limited Edition American Standard PJ "Magnificent Seven" (Sunburst, Rosewood Fretboard
    2012 Michael Tuttle Jazz 4 (Alder 3TS, RW)
    2009 Carvin B-40 Jazz Bass (Alder, RW)
    2008 ESP Vintage 4 (CAR, Rosewood)
    2007 Bee Hybrid IV (Swamp Ash, Northern Ash neck, Pao Ferro Fretboard)
    199x Ken Smith BSR4J fretless, flamed maple walnut cap, macasscar ebony fretboard, gold hardware.
    199x Ken Smith BSR4J flame maple, padauk fingerboard, black chrome
    1997 Fender California Series Precision PJ (CAR, RW FB)
    1995 Peavey Axcelerator Plus (Sunburst Ash, Pao Ferro)
    1987 MIJ Fender Jazz Special (Black Basswood, RW)
    1987 Peavey Foundation (Burst Maple, Maple Fb)
    1983 Aria Pro II SB Elite I (Padauk Red Transparent Ash, RW)
    1982 Hamer Cruisebass (Natural Burst, RW)
    1982 Ibanez Blazer 800BS (Brownburst Sen, maple FB)
    1980 Ibanez RS824 Special PJ (Bookmatched flame maple veneer over mahogany, maple FB)
    1978 Fender Jazz (Natural Ash, RW)
    1977 Ibanez Silver Series Factory Fretless "Lawsuit" P Bass (Black/Maple, side lines)
    1977 Fender Precision (Natural Ash/Maple)
    1976 Univox Eagle (Carved P with maple J neck)
    1976 Fender Precision with Factory "A" (Jazz) Neck (Oly White Alder/Maple)
    1967 Hagstrom HIIB (Black, RW)

    BASS HEAD: Genz Benz Streamliner 900

    EFFECTS (Mostly for use with Guitar and Keys)
    MXR M81

    Empress Zoia
    PandaMIDI Future Impact
    Pigtronix Mothership 2
    Source Audio C4

    3 Leaf Groove Regulator V1 with mods by Spencer (all trim pots and toggles on outside plus switchsble effects loop)
    Eastover Mutron III clone
    EHX Attack Decay (2019 Version)
    EHX Bassballs Nano (Modded for Trim Pots on Outside)
    EHX Blurst
    Pigtronix Resotron (SEM)

    Caroline Wave Cannon (v1 w/Havoc Switch)
    Creation Audio Labs Grizzly Bass (versatile, tubey-sounding)
    DOD Bass Grunge
    EHX Deluxe Big Muff Pi Sovtek (dry/wet blend knob, so is great on bass)
    EHX Soul Food (Klon-like)
    EHX Octavix (Octave fuzz)
    Malekko Wolftone Chaos (Synthy Fuzz with good control of harmonics)
    MI Effects Crossover Drive (low-mid OD--best overdrive for Guitar, IMHO)
    MI Effects Neo Fuzz (Germanium)
    Pete Cornish SS-2/G-2 Duplex (Overdrive, Muffy Fuzz, both germanium)
    ProCo Small Box Whiteface Rat (1983)
    Smallsound/Bigsound TAFM
    Tsalkis Six (Boost/Overdrive/Distortion, Bluesbreaker style)
    Zvex Loaded Inventobox (Fuzz Factory, tonestack, Super Hard On)

    ADA Final Phase Reissue
    Behringer Bi-Phase
    DOD 490 Phaser (1978, modded for true bypass)
    EHX Bad Stone Reissue
    EHX Flanger Hoax
    Ibanex Classic Phaser PH99
    Ibanez PM7 (multi wave plus multi phases)
    Source Audio Luna
    Toadworks Phantasm

    ADA Flanger (1995 Reissue Panasonic MN3010)
    DOD Flanger 640 (1978 Reticon SAD1024]
    Ibanez Classic Flanger FL99 (Versatile Extreme Sounds)
    Moog MF Flanger
    Source Audio Mercury

    Behringer UV300 Vibrato
    Boss Waza Dimension C
    DOD Chorus 690 (1979 Dual w/Reticon SAD512)
    DOD Deep Freeze (best bass chorus!)
    Red Witch
    EHX Polychorus XO (Unique Stereo Chorus Echo Flanger
    Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water (analog tape modulation)
    Ibanez RC99 (Stereo Rotary Chorus)

    DOD Rubberneck (Dark Analog with Effects Loop + External 3 Switch)
    EHX Deluxe Memory Man w/Tap Tempo (MN3005 version)
    Source Audio Nemesis (MIDI Delay)
    Strymon Volante (Binson + Echoplex Emulation)

    EHX Super Pulsar (Analog Tremolo with Sequencer

    DOD Footswithch 3 Buttons
    CoPilot FX Broadcast (LFO waveforms w/TT)
    EHX 8-Step Sequencer
    Mission Engineering Expressionator (Control three EXP Inputs from single expression pedal)

    Boredbrain Patchulator 8000 (effects loop re-routing with 1/8” patch cables)
    EHX Switchblade Pro
    EHX Tri Parallel Mixer
    iConnectivity MIDI4+ (Re-routes MIDI to and from multiple sources) GEC Commandor (switching matrix)
    Pigtronix Keymaster (Adjusts instrument, XLR and line level inputs into up to two, parallel effects loops)
    Radial Big Shot (Passive, 2 effects loops)
    Saturnworks Dual Tap Tempo External Switch
    Saturnworks Effect Pedal Order Reverser
    Source Audio Neuro Hub (to save MIDI settings across multiple pedals)
    Source Audio Soleman (footswitch MIDI controller)
    Xotic Effects X-Blender (Buffered, parallel loop with EQ)

    DOD Meat Box Reissue (Sub-harmonic generator)
    Dunlop Mini Expression/Volume Pedal
    Empress Buffer
    EHX SuperEgo+(Freeze-like effect)
    EHX Mod Rex
    Pigtronix Ringmaster (Tracking Ring Modulator)
    Favorite Genres:
    70’s Funk, 80’s Goth and College Rock. 80’s synth pop, 80’s Synthy Funk, Britpop, Blues Rock.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    DMV Killjoys/Local Killjoys, depending upon the line-up
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1971 Les Paul Triumph
    1981 Electra X630N (Natural Ash)
    1982 Fender Precision (Black/Maple Fretboard)
    1982 Ibanez Blazer BL-700NT (Natural Ash/Maple Fretboard)
    1984 Ibanez Roadstar II RB650 (Wine Red, Maple Fretboard)
    2x Fender Precision Lyte Deluxe (Mahogany/Ebony Fretboard)
    1986 Ibanez Roadstar II RB 650 PJ (Ivory/Rosewood Fretboard)
    1986 Peavey Foundation (Custom White Pearl/Rosewood Fretboard)
    1986 Fender Jazz Bass Special (candy apple red metallic/Rosewood Fretboard)
    1986 Peavey Patriot (Mahogany body/Maple Fretboard)
    1990 USA Fender HM IV (Black/Rosewood)
    1990 MIJ Fender HM V (Marbled Black/Rosewood Fretbord)
    1993 Ibanez SR 400 Passive #1(Black Maple/Rosewood Fretboard) I really wanted to love a non-Fender-style-passive Ibby, so I tried, twice.
    1995 Ibanez SR 400 Passive #1
    1998 MIM Fender Precision Special Deluxe (Ivory Poplar/Rosewood Fretboard)
    2000 Fender USA HM4 (Black/Rosewood fretboard—mint condition)
    2000 MIM Fender Standard Jazz (Black Poplar/Rosewood Fretboard)
    2000 Peavey USA Millennium (Trans. Blonde Alder/Maple Fretboard)
    2008 Fender Road Worn Jazz (Fiesta Red Alder/Rosewood Fretboard)
    2015 Ibanez Black Eagle Reissue (Black Alder body/Maple Fretboard)
    2016 EBMM Caprice (White, Maple)
    2017 Ibanez SRH 500 DEF (Fretted 4-string Piezo-Only)

    Alesis Philtre
    Behringer Slow Gear Clone
    Digitech Time Bender
    DOD Gonkulator (Original)
    DOD Gonkulator (Reissue)
    DLS Chorus-Vibe
    Dwarfcraft Grazer
    EHX Bass Micro Chorus
    EHX Enigma Qballs
    EHX Freeze
    EHX Canyon (Multi Delay + Minimal Looper)
    EHX Ocean’s Eleven (Mulit Reverb)
    EHX Pitch Fork (octaver with polyphonic dive bomb via exp input)
    EHX Ravish Sitar
    EHX Small Clone
    EHX Small Stone
    EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai
    EHX Ring Thing
    EHX Analogizer
    EHX Superego
    Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler
    Devi Ever OK
    Digitech “The Weapon”
    DOD FX-25 Envelope Filter (1993)
    DOD Gonkulator Reissue (Ring Mod)
    DOD Stereo Chorus
    Dunlop Brick Power Supply
    DBX 166XL Compressor
    Earthbound Audio Supercollider V2
    Earthquaker Afterneath (Shimmer Reverb)
    Korg G5
    Malekko Scrutator
    MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
    MXR M-108 10-Band EQ
    Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
    Pigtronix Philosopher King
    Roland SIP-301 pre-amp
    Subdecay Prometheus Envelope Filter
    Tech 21 Sansamp Programmable Bass DI
    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
    TC Electronic Third Dimension (Mono Boss Clone)
    VVT X-Drive Distortion V2
    Xotic Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jack Bruce
    Bernie Edwards
    Family Man
    David J Haskins
    Peter Hook
    Trevor Horn
    Louis Johnson
    Sara Lee
    Pino Palladino
    Suzi Quatro
    Andy Rourke
    John Taylor
    Bruce Thomas
    Jasper Vulhurst
    Norman Watt-Roy
    Tina Weymouth
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Cheating on my bass with Analog Synths, TTRPGs, Legos
    I spend more time on GAS than playing!


    Brown Chicken Brown Cow
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