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BassicJack's Recent Activity

  1. BassicJack replied to the thread For Sale Fender American Precision Bass V.

    No, I sold the Jazz V with the rosewood board some time ago, sorry.

    Jul 13, 2018 at 11:44 PM
  2. BassicJack posted a new thread.

    For Sale Dingwall Super J 5 String “Geddy”

    Never thought I would be doing this considering how hard it was to find, but recent acquisition of a P/J pickup configured Dingwall,...

    9784CFFE-C43A-467A-BA6C-1EB64D78404F.jpeg 274D2DB1-4CB7-4CF5-8E45-7AEC1D4C7DF9.jpeg 4BAAE361-BB89-46F0-B5A8-B86732D1CD0F.jpeg 497FF227-8664-4570-8762-1519EDF3E2E7.jpeg E86D39B1-AC4C-4F5C-B9D8-51133C05F56D.jpeg FE112202-728E-4560-9126-970E43681EA0.jpeg D6CD2ABB-F997-4DA4-8EF3-CCADEE15378E.jpeg 2ADCFF88-BC8B-4522-BAD3-7A156013DAA3.jpeg 4938D801-A456-40D8-9059-3275E355A240.jpeg 6A1735F3-E556-43EA-84EF-6B218CD7A879.jpeg 77935BC6-0E01-47D0-A626-8CE66032083C.jpeg E0FBBC75-C682-46BF-BBC8-B602DD95AA61.jpeg AE1D08CB-FD3E-49DD-A785-DBBB245902FA.jpeg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Jul 11, 2018 at 8:33 PM
  3. BassicJack posted a new thread.

    For Sale Peavey Cirrus USA Lined Fretless


    22EC962F-20C8-42A0-825A-B1BE009E84D0.jpeg 662A00A4-9F29-4581-A3F6-DD4CBAB2A44D.jpeg C6035833-88DC-4FF5-8CB0-A2F3A31F1FA0.jpeg E95BE6C1-C974-44B5-AEBA-356667935F2C.jpeg 8E654095-02F5-4A3A-A404-4E49415FECAC.jpeg 05AFCA72-B62D-42F7-9196-70EB417CDFF7.jpeg 6221B160-0C23-474E-8C9C-87E95CFBB2E5.jpeg 77D57854-0B42-4584-8024-A472EB1B37F0.jpeg 598297BE-ADEF-4429-A41B-4BC41981FF04.jpeg A89F1F55-EC3B-4CCD-96E6-32AE5B0AB4F6.jpeg A8E755ED-F7A3-42AF-9D3F-4107B4374A94.jpeg D8D3CF77-0E03-404E-A891-113A4AF89D28.jpeg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Jul 11, 2018 at 4:57 PM
  4. BassicJack posted a new thread.

    For Sale Fender American Precision Bass V

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] I swapped out the neck with my American Jazz Bass V in order to have a maple board on the Precision, everything else...

    B49DE0CD-FBD1-425E-84E3-8091511492AE.jpeg 7A77385F-C406-4691-A330-0E7D61211C38.jpeg 26C852BC-DAE1-4715-B38F-B6BB21015782.jpeg 8F0FECC2-9159-4F22-B03F-76DEFD13E26B.jpeg 425D2B44-F0FF-4C09-9483-151C87428EEC.jpeg CF4242B1-1274-4F1F-9C86-5E454EC36BBD.jpeg 72F6223A-BF7D-4C75-9F6E-379BCEE394E4.jpeg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Jul 11, 2018 at 4:22 PM
  5. BassicJack posted a new thread.

    For Sale Dingwall Super P 5 String

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Recently acquired a Dingwall Super J/P pickup configured bass so I’m letting my Super P 5 go. Very light...

    5AD5E4BE-B822-4BF3-A797-D5F8C07F2F23.jpeg F33A4DE0-1035-4CF5-B5EB-C068E047AA19.jpeg B9A3DB50-364D-48D5-9ED5-26AEABCB0FC6.jpeg 86A7DEBA-3D71-41C0-B4B2-C7B73A8B4D7B.jpeg 489651B5-886A-4857-B796-6EF594217001.jpeg 8671E29F-EE46-47E8-B413-79C812163B97.jpeg 5E902B4F-5447-476D-9442-883D2D2CF481.jpeg D9810955-ACFB-48F5-B05B-B3D677AF23F9.jpeg B9D929CF-60CE-463D-B9F9-CEB9E16436FA.jpeg BE1EC1F1-BB28-48AA-8421-B19D1E8DEDC2.jpeg 6C5A6BA2-1E43-49B9-9669-A8232B40F1C5.jpeg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Jul 10, 2018