May 13, 2005
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SE Wisconsin
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    SE Wisconsin
    Current Setup:
    '15 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Classic Bass
    '59 Fender Precision Bass (all original)
    '66 Fender Precision Bass (all original)
    '97 Fender AmStd Jazz Bass (w/Bartolini 9J1 pups)
    '04 Fender CIJ '54 Reissue Precision Bass
    '06 Fender CS Time Machine '64 Jazz Bass Relic
    '10 Fender CS Custom Classic IV Special Jazz Bass
    '13 Fender CS Pino Palladino Precision Bass Relic
    '15 Fender CS '64 Precision Bass Relic
    '13 Gibson ES-335 Bass
    '12 Lakland 55-94 Deluxe Bass
    '14 Martin BCPA4 Acoustic-Electric Bass
    '10 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
    '07 Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless Bass

    Aguilar DB751 Bass Head
    Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 Bass Head
    Ampeg SVT-CL Bass Head
    Mesa/Boogie Bass 400+ Bass Head

    Ampeg SVT810E Bass Cabinet
    Bergantino HD410 Bass Cabinet
    Bergantino NV215 Bass Cabinet
    Bergantino NV610 Bass Cabinet
    SWR Goliath Senior Bass Cabinet (6x10, Pre-Fender)

    Combo Amps:
    Gallien-Krueger MB112 Combo Amp
    Gallien-Krueger MB212-II Combo Amp
    Peavey T-Max 115 Combo Amp

    Line 6 Relay G90 Digital wireless system

    A-Designs REDDI
    Tech 21 SansAmp BDDI

    Effects (depending on gig):
    Aguilar AGRO overdrive pedal
    Aguilar Filter Twin envelope filter pedal
    BBE Sonic Stomp pedal
    Boss OC-3 Super Octave pedal
    Boss GT-10B Bass Multi-Effects Processor
    EBS MultiComp True Dual Band Bass Compressor pedal
    Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi Fuzz pedal
    Whirlwind OC Bass Optical Compressor pedal
    Yamaha NE-1 Bass Parametric EQ

    Miscellaneous (Strings, cases, cables, etc.):
    Elixir Nanoweb Medium & D'Addario EXL170 for roundwound
    Thomastik-Infeld JF344 for flatwound
    Mono Cases (M80 dual and single)
    PRS and Monster Cable guitar cables
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Tweed Funk (original R&B/Soul/Blues), The Orphans (70's California Classic Rock cover band), Studio/Session bassist, hired gun
    Previously Owned Gear:
    '97 Peavey Fury
    '98 Yamaha TRB-II 5-String
    '98 Epiphone Viola
    '00 Rickenbacker 4003
    '00 Fender AmDlx Precision
    '03 Fender AmDlx Jazz 5-String
    '05 Fender AVRI '62 Precision
    '06 Warwick Corvette Std
    '08 Rick Turner Renaissance RB4
    '09 Hofner HCT-500/1 Contemporary Violin Bass
    '10 Fender LTD 50th Anniversary Jazz
    '10 Fender CS '59 Precision Special Relic
    '11 Spector Euro 4LX DW Signature (w/US 9V preamp)
    '11 Fender AmStd Jazz Fretless
    '12 Fender CS Closet Classic Precision Pro
    '13 Fender CS 1964 Anniversary Precision Heavy Relic
    '13 Fender CS 1960 Jazz NOS
    '15 Gibson ES-Les Paul Bass
    '15 Dean Rhapsody 12-String Bass
    '16 Warwick RockBass Corvette DoubleBuck

    Aguilar DB410 Bass Cabinet
    Ampeg SVT-4PRO Bass head
    Ampeg SVT-3PRO Bass head
    Ampeg SVT410HLF Bass cabinet
    Fender Bassman TV Fifteen Combo Amp
    Mesa/Boogie PH412 PowerHouse Bass cabinet
    G.A.S. List:
    G.A.S. never truly goes away. Currently jonsin' for a '66 Jazz Bass (later version w/block inlays) and always keeping my eyes open for early 60's Fenders (Precisions and Jazzes), Stanley Clarke Alembic, Warwick Corvette $$ Custom Shop.....
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jack Bruce, Peter Cetera, Stanley Clarke, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Nathan East, Bernard Edwards, John Entwistle, James Jamerson, Louis Johnson, John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, Pino Palladino, Chuck Rainey, Lee Sklar, Sting, Bobby Vega, the list could go on and on......
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Bass, sammiches, and classic muscle cars


    Fender Custom Shop Club #20/Fender pre-CBS Club #70/Fender Precision Bass Club #1314/Gibson Club #316/Wisconsin Bassists Club #133
    "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford