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Mar 5, 2021 at 8:43 PM
Jan 9, 2013
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Bethlehem, PA
Commercial Credit Analyst, bassist

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Supporting Member, Male, from Bethlehem, PA

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bertthebassist was last seen:
Mar 5, 2021 at 8:43 PM
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    Bethlehem, PA
    Commercial Credit Analyst, bassist
    Current Setup:
    Lakland Skyline:
    55-01 Cream
    Aguilar Super Double Pickups
    Mike Pope Flexcore 4-band preamp.
    Lakland gold Hipshot hardware - Bridge and Tuners. (installed by Lakland),
    35", 9.0 lbs. (bathroom scale), 19 mm spacing at bridge.
    The switches are high mid frequency, and low mid frequency.
    The volume knob is push/pull (active/passive).
    Other knobs are: Blend, treble, high/low mids (upper/lower), bass
    Peavey Millennium 5 with DiMarzio Area J DP552BK and Hipshot Ultralites

    Eich T-900 (fits in the side pocket of my gig bag and sounds awesome)
    Mesa M6 (love this amp!)

    Audio Kinesis Hathor 1203T (WOW), 1203 (On order, still)
    Schroeder 115PL
    Favorite Genres:
    classic rock, jazz, blues, southern rock, country rock, old school funk, reggae
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    looking for my next adventure
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Elrick: 2017 NJS 5, Expat (purchased new, not impressed)
    1982 Custom Jazz w/ Dimarzio pick ups (memories)
    2008 American Standard Jazz V (dead spots)
    2009 American Standard Precision V (neck too fat)
    Ibanez: SR505 (didn't like the sound)
    Lakland Skyland:
    2018 Daryl Jones 5 - natural (new, had fret spikes)
    55-01 w/ Mike Pope Pre and Aguilar Dbl pickups
    Mike Lull: M5 (purchased used, really nice bass, sold to pay for car repair)
    Music Man: 2013 StingRay Classic V (purchased new, my first active. made
    the mistake of treating it like a Fender and turned the knobs all the way
    up. After I sold it, I learned that I was boosting the bass and treble, and
    not simply increasing the pickup volume, which was why it didn't sound
    right. Expensive lesson)
    Skjold: Pro Deluxe 5 featuring a mahogany body with a Birdseye maple top
    in tobacco burst finish, and a highly figured Birdseye maple fretboard on a
    maple neck. Custom Skjold/East preamp. Controls are: Volume, 4 position
    rotary knob (bridge solo, both series, both parrellel, neck solo), passive
    tone control (push/pull active/passive), stacked bass/treble (pull treble up
    for extra bright; bass is boost only), stacked mid with bottom for freq
    sweep. 35 inch scale, and 8.5 pounds
    Warwick: Corvette Standard (too heavy), Rockbass Corvette $$ (too cheap)

    Aguilar: DB751 (my favorite sound), AG700 (Nice head)
    Aguilar: Tone Hammer 500 (didn't like), AG500 (nice sound, too big)
    Ampeg: PF-500 (missing the deep that I want, too big, too heavy)
    Bergantino: B|amp (missing the deep that I want)
    Carvin: B2000, BX1500, B1000 (meh)
    Eden Traveler WT550 (too heavy)
    GK: MB Fusion 800 (knobs too sensitive)
    Genzler Magellan 800 (seems to do something electroniky to the sound)
    Mesa: M6 (my 2nd favorite sound, too heavy)
    Mesa: WD800, Subway 800, 800+ (they don't sound like my M6)
    Mesa: Prodigy (meh), Mpulse 600 (nice sound, too heavy)
    Quilter: BB800 (distorted too soon)
    Sunn: Beta, 2000S (memories)
    Thunderfunk: TFB800 -B2 (not impressed)
    Warwick: Tubepath 10.1 (nice sound, too heavy)

    Aguilar SL115 - sounds great, dislike the width
    Barefaced: Big Baby 2 (BB2) - not impressed
    Bergantino: CN112, CN212, - bottom end lacking
    HS410, NV215 - love the sound, but 100 lbs
    Carvin: BR115, BR118, BRX210 - did not like
    DNA: DNS-112, DNS-410 - did not like
    Fearful: 12/12/6/1 - favorite sound, but 70 lbs
    MAS 112 - too futuristic looking for me
    Mesa: Subways 112, 115 - not impressed
    RevSound: RS215T, RS115T, Bottom ported RS210T - good value
    Sunn: B115, 215 - the good ole days

    Peavy TKO 150 - the good ole days
    G.A.S. List:
    Boutique bass such as a Muckelroy, Skjold, Lull, Rob Allen, Ken Smith, Roscoe
    Influences and Teachers:
    Frank DiBussulo, 70's classic and southern rocks
    Tommy Shannon (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Is there anything else besides bass and TalkBass?
    Teaching Credentials:
    Moravian College: minor - music; 25 years owning a bass, 10 years playing


    vibrating beer bottles off of the table
    Muckelroy HMC5 Pro Player, Modded Peavey Millennium > Eich T-900 > Audio Kinesis Hathor 1203 and 1203T

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