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November 11
Elgin, TX


Male, from Elgin, TX

I always want a gig Aug 30, 2019

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      I always want a gig
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    November 11
    Elgin, TX
    Current Setup:
    2001 Fender American Standard Precision
    Swamp ash, clear natural finish, white guard, rosewood board, rounds

    2003 Fender American Standard Precision
    Alder, 3-color sunburst, white guard, maple board, rounds

    2012 Fender AVRI '63 Precision
    Sonic Blue, mint Guard, rounds, real bright and a real rocker!

    2014 Fender AVRI '63 Precision
    3-color sunburst, tort guard w/ both covers, old TI flats, and handmade FOAM mute Funk Machine! (Changed out the stock P/U for a Fender Original '62, much mo' mellow and funky.)

    1955 King Mortone 1/2 size stand up (older than me, and in much better shape)

    Barefaced Super Compact (simply the best cabinet I've EVER owned!)
    Barefaced One10 (Incredible cab)
    Ampeg SVT210AV (x2 never use them after getting the Barefaced)

    Quilter Bass Block 800 (my main rig)
    GK MB800
    GK MB500
    GK MB200

    Tech21 Q/Strip (for tone shaping & DI in front of BB800, and great as a pre for the King)
    Empress Compressor (always on, 2:1 just a wee bit o' comp to even things out)
    Boss OC-2 Octave (For "Rocky Mountain Way" and occasional thickening, or if I want to show off)
    Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter (for "Stanglehold" only, and when I run out of limited lead ideas)
    MXR Micro Amp (just in case they throw me a lead)
    Polytune Mini
    Sans Amp BDDI

    Stringz'n Thingz:
    TI Jazz Flats
    DR High-Beams
    DR Fat-Beams
    Helicore Orchestra Mediums (toying with buying some Spiros and being done with the endless string search!)
    Line6 Relay G30 Wireless
    Favorite Genres:
    Anything with groove and/or anything paying!
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Hmm, lets see, currently five:
    Don't Tell Debbie (rock, funk, soul and country hits ...all of 'em!)
    Cross Creek (classic rock)
    Klemmentine (jazz standards and seasonal music)
    The Texas Aces (classic country & rock)
    The Jazz Hands (jazz standards, easy listening)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    2013 Fender American Standard Precision V (really wish I'd played it more)
    GK 800RB (2 of 'em!)
    GK 210MBE
    Epifani UL2-410 (4 ohm)
    Epifani UL2-210
    Epifani UL2-112
    Acme LowB2 210
    Accugroove Tri-115L
    Avatar B210 (Neo)
    Avatar B210 (Ceramic)
    MarkBass 2x8 combo
    TC Electronic RH450
    Behringer BX3000T
    Every Peavey combo ever made (never again!)
    G.A.S. List:
    More MIA Fender P's (black/black/maple, etc)

    At least one custom Boutique Bass, Contenders:
    Muckleroy, Low End, Stambaugh, Sandberg

    A pickup for the standup
    Influences and Teachers:
    Duck, Jamerson, Babbitt, Rainey, David Hood, JPJ, Squire, Tallent, Sklar, Roy Huskey Jr, yadda, yadda....
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Music's it! Oh yeah, girls, and movies. That's it, except for In-N-Out and zoos and baseball (love me some Dodger baseball!) ...and this thermos.
    I hate playing with knuckleheads. I moved to Austin from Cali 15 years ago and have played with some very fine and dandy players. Only once in a while do I get stuck with a "son-of-knuck".

    Sometimes I'M the "knuck" and I try to learn from it so I won't repeat it. Lessons still being learnt.


    Big Earl
    "I endorse nothing, for nothing is too good for me"
    Texas Bassists Club #131
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