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Oct 14, 2020
Aug 9, 2006
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from Indianapolis

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Oct 14, 2020
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Current Setup:
    Basses -
    Fender MIA Jaco Fretless (4)
    Fender MIA '75 RI Jazz (4)

    Amps, etc. -
    Genz Benz ShuttleMAX 6.0
    Genz Benz NEOX-212T

    Furman PL Plus
    Korg DTR-1000
    Gallien-Krueger Backline 110 combo
    Digitech BP200

    Other -
    Roland SH 201 Synthesizer
    Casio WK3300 Digital Keyboard Workstation
    Simmons SD7K Digital Drums

    - I also play an extensive collection of traditional American Indian flutes -
    Previously Owned Gear:
    - Ovation – 4st, ebony body, graphite bolt on neck, passive
    - Waco – Fender P bass knockoff, 4st, maple bolt on neck, passive
    - Yamaha trb-4 – Ash body, maple bolt on neck, 4str, active
    - Yamaha trb1005f – 5str lined fretless, alder body w/ maple top, maple bolt on neck, active
    - Washburn rb2602 – 6str, hammerhead, maple body and bolt on neck, green, active, fieten tuning
    - Ibanez sr506 (x2) – 6str, 5pc bolt on neck wenge and bubinga, mahogany body, active, one of these modified to fretless
    - Ibanez gsr200 – 4str, bolt on, active, modified to fretless
    - Ibanez srx705 – 5str, 5pc maple and walnut neck thru, light ash body, PFR-AL5N Neck PU, PFR-AL5B Bridge PU, active 2 band eq.
    - Ibanez aeb10ebk (x2) – Acoustic electric, 4str, black, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, Fishman Sonicore pup sst preamp w/ on board tuner
    - Spector Rebop DLX – 5 str, 3pc maple neck bolt on, alder body, emg pups, active 3 band eq
    - Cort Curbow - 5 str, maple neck bolt on, luthite body, single Bartolini MK1, active 3 band eq
    - Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless (1998) - 5str, wenge neck bolt on, bubinga body, ebony board, active MEC gold pick-ups and 2 band eq
    - Warwick Corvette Standard (2006) - 5str, ovankol neck bolt on, bubinga body, wenge board, active MEC gold pick-ups and 2 band eq
    - Fender Precision Highway 1 (2003) - 4str, ash body, maple neck bolt on, passive
    - Epiphone EB 3 (SG) - 4str, mahogany body, maple set neck, rosewood board, 1 Gibson humbucker (neck) and 1 single coil (bridge), passive vvtt/selector
    - Michael Kelly Club Custom acoustic (x2) - one 4str and one 5str, cedar top, mahogany set neck, burled ash laminate back and sides, acoustic under-saddle pickup with Fishman MKAB preamp and 3 band eq (both made in China, 2006)
    - SX (lined) Fretless Jazz 4 string passive
    - Fender Jazz 5 string (MIM), standard passive
    - Carvin LB75FP, ash body, nck through w/ piezo bridge, lined ebony board, made in USA 2006
    - Fender Mustang (CIJ, 2006), single P, passive, 4-string bolt on with maple board, string thru bridge.
    - Squier Vintage Modified Jazz (Indonesia, 2007)(x2), passive, 4-string bolt on maple neck, alder body, Duncan Designed pickups.
    - Peavey Millenium BXP AC (Indonesia), active 3 band eq, 4-string, alder body, quilted maple top, maple bolt on neck.
    - Fender Marcus Miller signature (Japan), 4-string, active 2 band eq (with passive option), ash body, maple neck and fretboard, bolt on neck.
    - Epiphone "Les Paul" Standard (4), made in Korea. Gibson humbuckers, passive, bound mahogany body w/ bound maple set neck and rosewood board.
    - Cort B2A Headless (4), neck through, rosewood board, passive j&p pickups.
    - NS Design WAV4 EUB (4) (x2), beech with ebony dotted board, directional piezo bridge pickup.
    - Ovation Celebrity CC2474 acoustic electric (4), spruce top, rosewood board, "Slimline" Bass Pickup,
    OP4BT w/On-Board Tuner.
    - EBMM Bongo HH (4), basswood body, bolt on neck, rosewood board, rolls burgundy color, 4 band active eq.
    - EBMM Bongo HH Fretless (5), basswood body, bolt on neck, pau ferro board, desert gold color, 4 band active EQ.
    - G&L (USA) L-1500 (4), ash body, bolt on maple neck, RW board, active w/ 2-band EQ.
    - Warwick Thumb (5), made in 2006, bolt on neck, ovankol body and neck, wenge board. The world's most dangerous bass :-)

    - GK700RB
    - Genz Benz NEO-PAK 3.5
    - Genz Benz GBE 750

    - GK210GLX
    - GK115GLX
    - Peavey Tour 210
    - Crate BT100
    - Eden D410T
    - Carvin V210T
    - Genz Benz NEOX-210T

    - Korg AX3B
    - Arion bass chorus
    - Arion stereo flanger
    - Digitech Jamman Looping Station
    - DOD FX25B Envelope Filter
    - Yamaha MM6 Synthesizer
    - Fender FM-62SCE Mandolin
    G.A.S. List:
    fretless Warwick thumb BO (4),
    6 string Bongo (fretted and fretless),
    NS design CRM4 or CRM5,
    Martin and/or Victor B. ABG,
    Genz Benz Uber 810 neo cab,
    and too much other junk to list...
    Influences and Teachers:
    chris squire
    steve rodby
    victor W
    my Dad
    and of course - jaco

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