Nov 9, 2001
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from California

I left TalkBass, though I periodically check Hot Deats and PMs. Jul 24, 2015

    1. Bongolation
      I left TalkBass, though I periodically check Hot Deats and PMs.
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    > Could you fill out your [gear] profile please?

    Sorry, I just can't keep something like that current. I have too much gear. Not only too much to list or keep up with, but too much to even live with. You remember the apartment of the black marketeer, Golodkin, played by Alexei Sayle in _Gorky Park_? That's my place, only it's a three-bedroom house.

    Seriously. At the moment, approximately sixty guitars and basses (some very valuable) and about twenty amps, never mind the effects and drums and keys and cabs and PA and other clutter. I'm not in love with any of it. It's just stuff I buy cheap when I see a deal and know I can turn a profit on it if I get in a money bind someday and have to eat my horses. It's just investment commodity (yes, I make money on gear - that's the most important thing to me, and I never buy anything on which I can't turn a profit). It doesn't make me a big man.

    I find gear lists uninteresting. I'm not my gear. Gear is just light industrial product. I have no emotional interest in it. A technical interest, a financial interest? Yeah.

    If someone has a question about something I also have, I'm always happy to go dig it out and do my best to help out with a good solid answer. Beyond that, I may never look at or use most of it.

    You can tell I'm not married.
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