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  1. BrandonBass86 posted a new thread.

    For Sale Bluesman Vintage Deville P Bass

    I have owned this bass for about a year. Only gigged it about half that time. It’s a great example of a custom vintage style P bass....

    66079BA6-0F40-4926-AE2E-C6B9E71B9603.jpeg 14CBE3B7-F523-4BEC-B44F-E73534C59D09.jpeg CA915483-593B-4B64-B8C2-F0DF29022D26.jpeg 08DDC439-2EAC-457B-B945-BAA2D7AD92A2.jpeg 2C132743-5D46-47B9-96F7-124B97C2251B.jpeg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Aug 13, 2019 at 2:19 PM
  2. BrandonBass86 posted a new thread.

    For Sale Fender Custom Shop 1960 P Bass

    I have only owned this for a few months and it is practically brand new. Original hardshell case and all case candy included. $75...

    8ED8D909-C7C1-4966-B2F8-BADE600A65C6.jpeg EA60D4E1-EF3D-4781-8A69-E7FCACE2B48A.jpeg 95CF2708-6980-40C3-9F0D-AB084A409E9B.jpeg A1ECFBDD-67EC-471D-A9A4-FDEE18B2AE75.jpeg 4DB2887C-5CC9-45D5-9D80-A21B4DE5C6C5.jpeg 18CE4709-51BF-4B3C-BAE1-4E610DA774CA.jpeg E91E2E33-0C74-4C61-9F0D-91C69EEF4D4A.jpeg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Aug 13, 2019 at 1:31 PM

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