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Dec 4, 2013
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July 18
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Syracuse NY
Farmer-Student-Massage Therapist-Bassist

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Brother Goose

The Process IS the Reward!, Male, from Syracuse NY

Keeping That Same Old Feeling since 1979! Sep 30, 2016

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    1. Brother Goose
      Brother Goose
      Keeping That Same Old Feeling since 1979!
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    2. Brother Goose
      Brother Goose
      Down for the Upstroke
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    3. Brother Goose
    4. Brother Goose
      Brother Goose
      What would Rick James do?
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    July 18
    Home Page:
    Syracuse NY
    Farmer-Student-Massage Therapist-Bassist
    Current Setup:
    Warmoth Gecko 6 strings. (Fretted maple/ash- fretless ebony/koa), Warmoth Gecko 5 string- Pau Ferro/Alder- Seymour Duncan 18v MM
    Carvin HD3000 w GK Plex preamp. fEARFUL 12/6 cube, JBL Thiele 15, 1980's Peavey Mark VI
    Favorite Genres:
    Funk, Soul, R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Indian Classical, 70's Fusion, Disco, Old School Hip-Hop, and "other".
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Nasty Truth (funk), Hoffmann Family Band (classic R&B), SUNY Oswego Latin Jazz Ensemble, Various churches, studio/sub work.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Fender P (81 usa), Alembic Persuader 5, Franken-Fender Fretless PJ, Modulus Quantum 5, Ken Smith BT 6, KSD 705, Peavey Millenium 5,1979 Ibanez Musician, Warwick Streamer Pro-M Fretless 5, g&l sb-2, Ibanez SDGR 506, Ibanez GSR w EMGs, and Memphis P bass
    G.A.S. List:
    Ken Smith BSR 6 string
    Fretless Zon 5/6 string
    Sadowsky Modern 5
    ACG Singlecut 5/6 string
    Darkglass 2700 (planning ahead)

    fEARFUL cabs (especially a 1566)

    4x4 conversion van (Mystery Machine), roadie, time-machine, and a wealthy benefactor!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Papa, Mama, My local gurus (Gary Goal, Devery Battle, Andy Jordan, Steve Winston), James Brown/Bootsy, Stanley, Jaco, Louis Johnson, Daryl Pugh, Ian Stewart, Rocco, Verdine, Byron Miller, Gary King, Chuck Rainey, Marcus, Bunny B (technique), Paul Jackson (what a groove), Kim Clarke (attitude), Sade, Jamiroquai, Victor Wooten (mostly his wonderful shining personality) and all of the great bassists from Motown/Stax/Sun/Muscle Shoals and countless hits from the past.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Bow hunting/archery, farming (grass fed beef and heirloom vegetables), fitness/self-defense, forestry/land management, dancing, tequila, cooking, spiritual growth, and being the best Husband/Brother/Son possible!
    God Is Love
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    I have a 15 min. method that takes a lifetime to master! (Free to all TB members)
    In the immortal words of my Mama:

    "Play the spaces, Son"

    "Don't fool the dancers"

    "The band sounded great once I shot a couple fingers off the bass player."


    Warmoth Gecko Club #23

    Fretless Club #1054

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