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Oct 1, 2017
Nov 22, 2007
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Groove on! Apr 4, 2015

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Oct 1, 2017
    1. cair26
      Groove on!
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    Home Page:
    Current Setup:
    Basses: Lakland 55-60 Custom (Teal Green / TT Sunburst) & Lakland 44-64.

    Rig: GenBenz Shutlle Max 6.0 (600w@4ohm), GenzBenz Ubber GB 212T-UB (2x12").

    Pedalboard: Boss Tu-2 > Aguilar Tone Hammer > Dunlop M288 Octave > Darkglass B3K > Boss SYB-5 Synthesizer > EH Enigma Qballs > Tech 21 Chorus > Boss LMB-3 Limiter > BBE Sonic Maximizer.
    Favorite Genres:
    Funk, Latin-Funk, Nu-Funk, Ska, Latin-Ska, Nu-Metal, Rock, Pop-Folk, Latin-Pop
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Ibanez AEB30 > Phil Pro 5 > Squier VM70s Jazz > Epiphone LP5 > OLP MM3 > Squier CV60s Jazz > Lakland 55-01 > Lakland DJ5 > Musicman Stingray Classic 5 > Squier CV 60s Precision (with Aguilar 4P-Hot) > Fender US Standard Precision > Rickenbacker 4001.

    Peavey MAX158 (10"x15w) > Behringer BXL900A (15"x90w) > Gallien Krueger MB115 (15"x200w) > GenzBenz Shuttle 6.0 (600w@4ohm) + GK MBE 212 + GK MBE115
    G.A.S. List:
    * 55-64 Custom rosewood fret in black with tortoise pickguard.
    * 55-60 Custom maple fret in Pink with pearloid pickguard.
    * DJ5 Rosewood fret in black with black pickguard.
    * DJ5 Maplet fret in white with tortoise pickguard.
    * 44-02 Maple fret in three tone sunburst with Musicman style black pickguard

    * Orange AD200 Bass MK 3 + ORANGE OBC115 + Orange OBC210
    * Gallien Krueger MB Fusion 500 + GK 212 MBE-II + GK115 MBE-II.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Pino Palladino, Mario García (Papanegro), Stuart Zender / Paul Turner (Stuart Jamiroquai), José Torres "El Catire" (Los Amigos Invisibles), Paulo Diniz "PJ" (Jota Quest), Ryan Monro (The Cat Empire), Pepe Bao (O'funk'illo), Mark Klepaski (Breaking Benjamin), Diego Aput (Karamelo Santo), Christopher Urbina (Lebronch), Héctor Paredes "Lucas" (Los Mentas), Andres Belloso (Los Mesoneros), Plon (Mamastróficos), Julio Sánchez "Julitro" (Ska-P), José Chacín "Caplís" (Desorden Público)
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Papercraft, Movies, Science, MUSIC