Carl Hillman
Jan 1, 2010
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Freelance Bassist ret.

Carl Hillman


Family health issues have forced me to retire from playing gigs. I had a good 45 year run. Mar 5, 2022

    1. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Family health issues have forced me to retire from playing gigs. I had a good 45 year run.
    2. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Just finished a recording session for an album/audiobook by trumpeter Mike Steinel. It'll be called "Saving Charlie Parker". Coming Soon.
    3. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Shows are finally starting up again. I'm in the vaxxed & masked orchestra pit for 40 performances of Wicked starting August 3rd.
    4. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      June 23, 8PM CST N'awlins Gumbo Kings live from Steve's Wine Bar streaming on Facebook
    5. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Next gig - Lush Life: The Music of Ellington & Strayhorn with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra March 26th -28th
    6. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      DSO gig cancelled (for me) as I had lunch last week with someone who tested positive. 4 days of work, & a nice taste of $$, up in smoke : (
    7. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      My first gig (other than church services) in four months coming up: Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Queens of Soul - Nov. 13-15
    8. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Cooling my heels at home, like everybody else. Haven't had a gig in 6 weeks.
    9. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      8 performances of "Hello Dolly" at Bass Hall this week. Different lead actress, different keys than 6 months ago. Yow!
    10. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      It's throwback to the 80's time with 16 performances of Cats at the Music Hall. Cheesey synths, cat's got it all.
    11. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Playing Disney's Kingdom Hearts Orchestra this week. 60 piece orchestra + choir making video game music for the fans.
    12. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Game of Thrones Concert Experience is back in town. 33-piece orchestra plus featured soloists and choir at the Toyota Music Factory Sept. 26
    13. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      6 hr. rehearsal/sound check then the first of 8 shows this week of ‘Hello Dolly’ at the Music Hall
    14. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      6 hour rehearsal today, 4 hour sound check and show tomorrow...the first of 23 for Disney's "Alladin" at the Music Hall in Dallas
    15. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      'Anastasia' revisited...this time at Bass Hall Ft. Worth for 1 week only...only....only...
    16. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Doing 2 weeks of Disney's 'Anastasia' at the Music Hall. Working for The Mouse again...
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    17. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Saturday, 26th at Stoney's Wine Lounge, Dallas: Bill & Peggy Lohr w/ special guest Joey Baron on drums
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    18. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Rehearsal, sound check, and show tomorrow. The first of 8 performances of 'Chicago' at the Winspear Opera House...again with the jazz hands.
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    19. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Gig w/Bill Lohr (Carmen McRae, Lou Rawls) & Joey Baron (David Bowie, Bill Frisell, John Zorn) Stoney's Wine Lounge Dallas 10/20/18
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    20. Carl Hillman
      Carl Hillman
      Gig w/Mario Cruz (Jaco...Springsteen) & Jimi Tunnell (Steps Ahead...Laurie Anderson) at the S&R Bar in Ft. Worth 9/25/18
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    Freelance Bassist ret.
    Current Setup:
    1932 Hermann Beyer 3/4 double bass
    Gage Metropolitan
    Scherl & Roth brazilwood "El Cheapo" model German stick
    Realist LifeLine pickup
    Fishman Platinum Pro EQ
    Acoustic Image Coda S4plus
    Acoustic Image Contra converted into an extension cab

    1978 MusicMan StingRay
    1979 fretless MusicMan Sabre
    2005 MusicMan StingRay 5 H w/Nordstrand pup and John East pre
    2010 Ibanez GWB1005 made by Sugi Musical Instruments Ltd.

    Mesa Walkabout Scout 1X12
    SWR Basic Black 1X15
    SWR Triad I cabinet

    Roland V-Bass
    dbx 160A
    Lehle Mono Volume 90
    BSS Audio AR-133 Active DI
    Line 6 Bass POD xt Live
    Loop-Master A/B/C box
    Fulltone OCD
    Boss Octave OC-2 (1988)
    Mooradian, Reunion Blues, Mono, and SKB cases
    Favorite Genres:
    Jazz, Classical, Funk, Fusion, Rock, Whatever's Good
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The N'awlins Gumbo Kings
    Broadway Dallas Orchestra

    Professional Affiliations:
    American Federation of Musicians Local 72-147
    Theater Musicians Association
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Englehardt C1
    Underwood pickup
    Gage copperhead pickup
    Fishman Acoustic Blender
    Sabine FBX Solo
    Polytone Mini Brute I
    Acoustic Image Contra
    Peavey T-40
    Acoustic 320/408
    JBL cab model 2645B
    Influences and Teachers:
    Paul Chambers, Scott LaFaro, Jaco, Ralphe Armstrong, and many, many more
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Reading and composition
    Started on EBG at 15, DB at 20. Have been freelancing, playing whatever styles, with whoever, at any/all locations for 45 years.


    "The bass makes everything sound better" - Charlie Haden
    "You have ears in - in your feet!" - Arturo Toscanini
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