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Jun 20, 2016
Oct 11, 2008
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Male, from Buffalo,NY

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Jun 20, 2016
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    Current Setup:
    Gibson Explorer bass,Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI,Squier Bass VI,Epiphone Rivoli,Fender P bass Special with maple neck,Fender P bass with de-fret mod,Fender Jaguar bass in sunburst,Ric 4003,Lyle 5120 semi hollowbody bass,Epi Thunderbird,Les Paul Custom guitar,Gibson ESD-1275 double neck,Epiphone El Segundo hollow body,Epiphone EB3(Gibson SG copy),Fender 300Pro tube head, Ampeg SVT-350 head,Fender Pro 410 cab,Fender 410pro slant cab,Fender 115pro cab,Fender 115 cab,Boss multi-FX pedal,E-bow,Bass Big Muff Pi,Boss M-50b multi-effects peddle,Tech 21 VT Deluxe,Gnomeratron fuzz pedal,Fuzzrocious Rat Tail,Grey Stache,Oh See Demon,Dark Driving,Iron Ether xerograph,TC Flashback,DD-6
    Favorite Genres:
    metal,indie,hardcore,punk, shoegaze,modern electronic,new wave/80`s,Rock `n Roll and its many offshoots.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Smoke and Mirror Lockdown(2002-2004)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I have a REAL hard time letting go of gear. I think I have everything from the day I started playing.
    G.A.S. List:
    Hollow body bass(any and all kinds! I want `em!)
    Fuzz,Fuzz,Fuzz and more Fuzz! and effect pedals in general.
    I would love to get a gnarly tube head.(edit:I finally have one now!)
    Emperor cabs give me a boner.
    Orange amps/cabs give me the bone too.
    Vintage Gibson: Rippers,RD Artists,G-3
    A group of good dudes to write music with.
    Influences and Teachers:
    My father inspired me musically my whole life. He was a great dad and a excellent guitarist.
    Other than that I just felt that the bass was for me and it was time to start playing.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    reading & collecting books,comics & graphic novels,informal shooting,being funny.


    Fuzzrocious#59,Mediocre Bassist Club #269 Gnomeratron VTF#22
    Hollowbody Bass Club # 323 ,Fretless Fender Club #5,Fender Bassman#19,Gibson Club#253