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cirrosis's Recent Activity

  1. cirrosis liked bassballs27's post in the thread SOLD Ken Lawrence Chamberbrase II - 33” Scale - BRW top and board!!!.

    Probably the most impressive instrument I’ve ever offered up on talkbass!!! Here is something you don’t see every day folks and the...

    F7549326-C5C1-4164-AAF0-334D1A5674AF.jpeg 7095080E-2A96-484A-9DB7-D98510EDB8AA.jpeg 6FE663B9-2916-4D10-8030-DC83398E978A.jpeg 0F5ACB5E-2AD7-44EC-A4EE-9BCE5A9C1C1A.jpeg 7155ED34-78F9-4C03-AFE1-ACE11E00E48B.jpeg FBD1C11F-040A-4118-8C00-834F0D1D57B4.jpeg 55836040-17ED-40F8-8455-D608FC218BA8.jpeg 9EEF0FC4-6594-4F04-8A8B-C5F7977B2C85.jpeg 27F4A9FF-A1AE-4518-8D70-C746BB9BBF5B.jpeg 8087488E-B348-4D2F-B421-3B8DF7EC0E11.jpeg 94FF335F-5E9C-440D-AAC0-396CF00740A6.jpeg 79C14661-9B8A-4F6F-B892-F720AE953962.jpeg 69DA27D2-CCF8-458A-9EED-8E0926249D1A.jpeg Apr 18, 2021 at 5:49 PM

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