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Sep 4, 1978 (Age: 43)
Home Page:
The edge of oscillation, New York

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯, 43, from The edge of oscillation, New York

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    Sep 4, 1978 (Age: 43)
    Home Page:
    The edge of oscillation, New York
    Current Setup:
    For sale/trade:
    -- nothing at the moment --

    *** ** * ** ***
    Carl Thompson 4 (36")
    Carl Thompson 4 (32")
    Rob Allen MB-2 custom (32")

    Basses >

    The following information was in fact true at one time...alas, that time is not now, but you get the idea, I'm a GAS-aholic and I love weird effects → this is like 10 iterations ago at least

    Pedaltrain PT PRO || >
    EBS multi comp >
    Panda Audio Future Impact (compact) >
    mtl.asm Your & You're >
    ES-8 >
    Frederic Effects BugCrusher >
    Ampeg SubBlaster >
    3Leaf Chromatron >
    Moog MF101 >
    TC Electronic HoF mini >
    Broughton Bass Box >
    Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive >
    Pigtronix Mothership2 >
    Red Panda Particle v2 >
    Bananana Mandala >
    Red Panda Tensor >
    Southampton Pedals 5th Gear >
    Broughton Super Stack >
    TC Electronic Ditto > ||

    > Dunlop Vol

    Pedaltrain PT METRO20 || >
    Red Panda Bit Mixer >
    Ernie Ball Vol >
    TC Electronic DittoX2 >
    T1sM FlipFlop >
    TC Electronic DittoX2jam >
    TC Electronic Wiretap > ||

    Pedaltrain PT METRO24 || >
    Broughton Helion >
    Broughton Silver Deluxe >
    Broughton SV Pre >
    Southampton Pedals Ictineo >
    Broughton Electronic Tube Direct Injection
    Broughton Studio One >
    Broughton Problem Solver > ||

    Tabletop board [Pedaltrain PT METRO20]
    mtl.asm PurPLL >
    Malekko Charlie Foxtrot >
    mtl.asm Count to 5 >
    mtl.asm 856 for Zellersasn

    Broughton P15 >
    StewartAudio 1.2 >
    Demeter BSC-310 & EA CXL 112

    Broughton Rumblefish
    Broughton Dystopia
    Broughton Dream Crusher
    VFE Klein Bottle
    Tomkat Cloudy
    Meris Ottobit Jr
    Meris Hedra
    Broughton PLL
    EQD Data Corruptor PLL
    Elta 4046 PLL
    Glou Glou Moutarde PLL
    Broughton Monocle compressor
    WMD Protostar filter pedal
    COG T-16
    ...a bunch more, but I got tired of keeping this up to date

    Recording Equipment
    iPad 6th gen > IK DUO > garage band
    digi 002 mixer
    Olympus LS-10

    beyerdynamic m88 tg
    shure sm 58 beta A

    Fender Tele Thinline 72 Reissue
    gibson les paul classic 1960

    Stewart World 2.1 (power amp) >
    Demeter BSC-310 (cab) & Euphonic Audio CXL 112 (cab)

    Phil Jones Bass - Briefcase amp
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Play date (improv electro jazz jam); asterisk (original music -; Hobot (experimental jam classic rock); Urban Campers (original music), cosmicevan & the vibe (solo project - looping arrangements, pop songs, elaborate weird sounds, and everything under the sun is in tune)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Mørch Curl 6
    Hohner AE4
    Carl Thompson “No-Frills” 4
    Carl Thompson “No-Frills” 5
    Ibanez SR505
    Pete Hilton Custom 4
    Abe Rivera 4 (Waddles)
    Pavel Hadara Deluxe 5
    MTD 535-24 (buckey burl/mahogany/maple/ebony)
    Fodera Emperor 5
    Fodera Monarch 4 (wooten signature)
    Carl Thompson "No-Frills" 4-string
    Acacia Custom 5 (with Lane Poors, Noll pre, Kahler Trem)
    Acacia Custom 4 (with Lane Poors, Demeter pre)
    Acacia Custom Ebony 4 (with Lane Poors, Aguilar)
    Marleaux USA Custom Consat 5 fretless
    Marleaux MBass Custom 5
    Mørch Curl 5
    Mørch Singlecut 5 fretless
    Mørch Singlecut 6
    Ken Lawrence Associate 4
    Bossa OB-4M
    Josh Helms Headless Singlecut (w/ Mørch electronics)
    Ken Bebensee 4
    Ken Bebensee 4 fretless
    Linc Luthier 4
    Alfonso Iturra SC-F850 5 fretless
    Shuker Artist Pro 5 fretless
    Schack 5 (had some neck issues - as most Schacks do)
    1978 Fender Jazz
    Mike Lull M4V
    Modulus Q5
    Warwick Corvette FNA 5
    GTX PJ 4

    EQD Rainbow Machine
    Broughton Resound
    Broughton Broughctave
    Broughton Power Stage
    Broughton Synth Voice
    DSM Omnicab Sim Deluxe
    Broughton Dual Drive
    Broughton Messenger
    TC Electronic Ditto X4
    Iron Ether Nimbus
    Neumann TLM 103
    Bananana Matryoshka
    Iron Ether FMeron
    Electrix Repeater (with noise reduction mod & OS 2.4) controlled by Behringer FCB1010 midi controller (with a bunch of working CFC cards).
    Demeter VTBP-201s (rack preamp)
    EBS Wah-One
    EBS Microbass II
    MXR M81
    3 Leaf Audio Groove Regulator
    Peterson strobo-stomp
    Avalon U5
    Radial JDI direct box
    Pigtronix Echolution Phi (delay)
    Pigtronix EP-1 (modded - marv, reverse envelope, expressions=wah & phaser speed, direct signal routed A/B via Startouch A/B to the trigger with nothing in B for no trigger).
    Moogerfooger MF-101 (LPF)
    Moogerfooger MF-102 (Ring Mod)
    Moogerfooger MF-105 (MuRF)
    Moog EP-1 (expression pedal)
    Moog Etherwave Theramin
    EBS BassIQ
    Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth
    Electro Harmonix MiniQ
    Electro Harmonix Qtron
    Boss AW 2
    Sansamp Programmable BDDI
    Line 6 Bass Pod (original kidney bean)
    Low End True Voice preamp
    Phil Jones Bass Buddy
    Guyatone compression
    Electrix Filter Factory
    Furman SPB-8 pedal board
    Ibanez TS-9
    Behringer distortion
    G.A.S. List:
    basses i want:
    Mike Lull M4V/M5V (burst finish)
    Jerzy Drozd
    Ken Lawrence
    Bassline Worp
    Groove Shoppe 5
    F Bass
    Bee Bass
    Hollow-body (lakland, gretsch, gibson)???
    Reverend Brad Houser
    Influences and Teachers:
    Roy DeJesus (this man got me started and taught me the bass-ics and BEYOND, a legend and a hero to me), Les, Victor, Bailey (Steve & Victor), Stanley, Jaco, Geddy, Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher), Roger Waters, Marcus, Jamerson, Chambers, Chris Wood, Cactus...and many of the improv bassists out there.

    trey anastasio, billy martin (illyB), miles davis, john coltrane, frank zappa, bob moog, and so on and so forth...

    carl thompson
    Hobbies and Interests:
    My family, sound production, craft beer, guitar pedals



    Carl Thompson 4 (32" - 72120) - Carl Thompson 4 (32" - 4917) - Rob Allen Mb-2 custom (32" - 1112)
    Bass → FX → Amplification = Dance
    ISO: Broughton Quick Silver - got one? Let's talk and figure out what it will take
    ISO: Dwarfcraft - Dunwich - SSBS oldies
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