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from BASS Heaven !!!!

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    Home Page:
    BASS Heaven !!!!
    Current Setup:
    5 Birdsongs ( Sadhanas #20 and Chopper B-010) C10-120(yingyang),Bliss Bass BB13#1) ,Birdsong Short Bass #104, Head Guitars "Dragon Bass", 2 (80s) Clarke Spellbinders (#3 & #4),(previously owned by Stanley Clarke),70s SD Curlee #3254 (USA), 72 Cameo Deluxe(1st bass I bought), Dean acoustic bass,Fender Squire Strat.,.... Czech. Ludwik Kolba 3/4 Double Bass & others...... Acoustic 370, Ampeg BA-115, SWR 10, Acoustic B20 ......
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    play for pleasure, In the 70s played with "the GYPSY WINE BAND"
    Previously Owned Gear:
    72 fender jazz(candy apple red),74 Rick 4001(natural w/white trim),& a 65 fender precision(natural finish-not glossy w/black pick guard).......the Fender Jazz and Rick were sold in 79 after a divorce!! I still regret to this day since 79....but on a brighter side I sold my fender jaguar, 95 precision and mustang in 11/06 to raise funds to give some needy families a merry christmas !! ...Warwick-fretless sent to UK as present!...Tony Levin OLP SR5 given to Yvon(TBer in Canada) for Xmas...also.. SOLD to help local needy families-71304 CT, 112806 CT,3396 CT, Carl Thompson (#62494 8string), Ritter Roya 4 #503, Fodera Emperor 4, Fodera NYC Empire 5(autographed by Victor Wooten), Ribbecke Halfing Acoustic HPB-1, 6-string Warrior previously owned by Chuck Rainey, F Bass BN4, Gretsch LS "White Falcon", Modulus Q4, Dingwall Super J, Kudela 4 Fretless, Ken Smith BSR 4m Fretless, Punisher(autographed by Gene Simmons), 4003 Rick, Alembic Essence 5 and a Alembic Stanley Clarke Brown Bass BBSB4 , LeCompte ST5-SS SN15 "Hot Dog",1 LeCompte THB-4-SN43, Bilodeau #1, Acoustic Corp. Black Widow, 92 Fender Jazz Plus, SWW#3, Fender 51 RI, Spector Euro 435LX, SpectorLX EURO 5, LeCompte SS SC-5 #13 , 14Birdsongs (5 Sadhanas #1, #2, #4,#10,#13-piccolo, 3 Cortobasses #44 [#49,#50 -Anniversary basses, 1 Cortobass #100-[Anniversary bass], 1 Cortocuston #47X, 1 Cortofusion #2, Hy5 #2,#43 Mesquito #2), NS Design WAV 4, Tacoma CB10C, Carvin LP70, Landing Custom 34" L4 Grant Bass , Fretless Calkin Bass, Fender Stratocaster (MIM) , Epiphone Thunderbird-IV,Red Jazz Resurrection Bass (GWB II),2 prototypes Spellbinder II (2002 & 2004).... and a 1940 Czech Double Bass (Blonde Finish)...Amps- SWR Super Redhead, Acoustic amps 370/371, 220/115B , 136 , 122, B10, Crate BT15. & Fender Sidekick...TRADED-81 Fender P Fretless....
    G.A.S. List:
    more Birdsongs and CTs..!!!!!!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Stanley Clarke, Chris Squire, Paul McCartney
    Hobbies and Interests:
    too many collectibles,& Minn. Vikings !!


    Birdsong club #1 :D

    My bass family
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