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    Current Setup:
    Basses: a 4 string Alembic, Ibanez Signature Gary Willis GW205B Fretless 5, MTD ZX5 Trans Black, Ibanez SR1000 Prestige, Ibanez SR 1200 Prestige, and a Deluxe Fender Squire Active Jazz fretted bass with hot-rodded Lace pups, Ibanez SDGR400 Fretless 4 string, Fender J Bass 4.

    Amplification: Mesa Boogie 400+; Mesa Boogie Titan V12 Amp; T.C.Electric Classic 450; GK RB1001; and recently a Genzler Magellan 800 ...Heaven is not in your mind...I love these amps...I just want to play them all the time!

    Cabinets: Mesa Boogie PH 410 AND 212 CABS, Bergantino HS410, Genz Benz Uber 410 (1000 watts RMS), and 2 EarCandy 212 BassBomb Cabs (950watts RMS each with an Eminence Delta 12LF and a Kappa 12LF in each) -custom made.

    Effects: Sansamp Bass VT1, Sansamp BDDI, Strobostomp V-VS Floor Tuner, Pandora PX4D, Zoom H2 Handy Recorder; Aguilar Tone Hammer

    Strings- Thomastik Infield Flats, MTD Strings at times, DR Nickel SunBeams, and currently on my MTD KZ4, and in honor of Jaco,on my Jazz Bass, I put on his fav strings...RotoSound SwingBass;

    Guitar: Fender Stratocaster ;

    Guitar Amp: Fender Ultimate Chorus 212;

    Recording Studio : too much stuff to list

    : my Fingers and my Ears.
    Favorite Genres:
    Blues, Rock, Roots, Fusion, Reggae, Jazz
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Two bands
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I started out with a Vox solid body single pup model?, then a Gibson-SG(briefly)copying Jack Bruce, then a 1963 Fender Jazz bass (for most of my bass playing life, till it was burned up in an overnight club fire), & later went through the following basses; a high-end Samick w/ EMG pups, an Ibanez SR900, a Fender fretless Jazz Bass, a Fretless Stilletto Schecter Fretless, a fretless Fender Squire VM Jazz, a Fretless Ibanez SR1000, a fretless Ibanez SR800, An Ibanez SR 700, An Ibanez SR900(twice), an MTD Kingston Heir, a Micheal Tobias Design MTD Trans-Cherry Mahogany body KZ4, (Kingston Z4 string) Fretted, and an MTD Fretless Z4 (twice), but got rid of it because it was just a little large for my small hands. See my other current basses.

    Amplification-I started out in 1966 with a single Fender Bassman. Then gradually, as our Band improved and we played bigger venues and started touring, I acquired more and more Fender amps so I could be heard-till I was lugging around multiple Bassmen, each with 2x12 cabs, 2 Fender Dual Showmen with 2x15 cabs each, and various combos of Twin Reverbs powering other various cabs, (usually home-built 212 cabs). This "mess" of amps was difficult to transport and set up, so I finally cleaned it up by purchasing an Ampeg SVT Classic breifly with two 810 cabs, but because it didn't have enough volume for the large venues we were then playing, I soon switched over to an Acoustic Control Corporation 360 head (preamp) powering two Acoustic 361 powered speaker cabinets, with 1x18" Cerwin Vega speaker in each reverse folded horn style cabinet. I added a 2x12 extension cabinet for each Acoustic cabinet on stage as monitors so I could hear myself more realistically(these amps are real loud but it was often hard to tell that you were blowing people away 20-30 feet in front of you without the extension cabs for monitoring your volume). I played in a 3-piece blues- rock band (Moonfire) in the Rocky Mountain region and toured alot in The late 60s -early 70s, small to large venues, our band touring alone or opening for major acts. I've just been really getting back into bass seriously since winter 2004. I started out using an SWR Workingman's 15 with a 2x12 extension cabinet until I eventually gassed my way up to my current rig. I've had an Eden WT800B for a while-but it just wasn't my sound, tried the Genz Benz 1200 for awhile, and though I liked it, I did'nt see any reason so sell off a Yorkie XS800H. I've tried out a few other heads as well(SWR750-900, GK1001, multiple Ampegs), but I did'nt like them as well as my Yorkville XS800H head. Then I went the power amp/pre-amp path for awhile. For Amplification, I used a BBE BMAX-T Tube Preamp/ starting with a Stewart 2.1 Power amp, then for more power , I switched to a Crown Xs900 Power Amp, and later I switched to the Crown XTi 4000 Power Amp with a BBE preamp.Then I got a Genz Benz GBE1200 again. I tried an iAMP 800 and though it was a fine amp, it was a little too pure for me. I also tried out a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 but it just seemed a little thin. I got a Walkabout by Mesa Boogie-which just sounds plain awesome-maybe the best sounding " little" amp on the planet. I also purchased a Mesa Boogie Titan V12, which I absolutely love. Another favorite acquisition is a Mesa Boogie 400+...awesome and sometimes scarey pure tube power! A TC Electronics classic 450 Mini Head was nice for small gigs. But I just recently got a really cool Genzler Magellan 800 to take its place. I also just purchased a GK RB 2001. Wow, what a family of amps.

    Cabs: See above... but, but recent favs were my Schroeder 410R cabinet, paired with my Schroeder 212L Cab,were great and loud.I also recently owned one of Jorg's 412BMF cabs. I've also loved trying out Dave's Avatar cabs-I had 3 Avatar 410s (my favorite Avatars) at one point, as well as a 212 and a 210 Cab-but I've sold all them all now. I owned 2 custom made beautiful EarCandy BassBomb 212 cabs-Diablo Red Front with Black tolex and Hard wear, with Black Circle Grills ( 950 Watts RMS each), but they are now sold. I still have a Genz Benz Uber 410-serious snarly fat old school dark tone. I also am digging my two Mesa Boogie Cabs, A PH 410 and a PH 212. Also recently got a Bergantino HS410 that I really like paired with my other cabs and amps depending on the sound I'm after. My most recent cabinet purchase in May 2020 were 2 MA Soundworks 110 cabs from Mike Aronpole... these really deliver a clear and articulate sound!

    Recording Equipment : Built a state of the art recording studio and rehearsal studio over past 4 years. Too much equipment to list. PM me if you'd like pics of my build.

    For recording practices, The H2 recorder has been great for recording live gigs or practices and making CD recordings for passing out or for self-critique purposes. My studio has an iMac with multiple storage units and multiple recording softwares are used.
    G.A.S. List:
    For speakers, I would'nt mind trying out (with my current amp & preamp) an El Whappo and/or a Whappo Jr. too! The new Berg IP cabinets intrigue me, although costly, I'd love to try one out some day-though they aren't sold near where I live. I'm pretty satisfied with my amp set up, now that I have the Mesa V12 Titan and Mesa 400+ And Genzler Magellan 800, but would love to try the new all tube Mess Amps.

    Also I built a beautiful professional home recording studio and separate rehearsal room in an 1899 sq ft area of my basement. Now begins the never ending quest of learning the art of recording. I am really having fun making live recordings of the band at practices and gigs that are able to be burned to CDs-yes the quality is that good(or we're getting better??). Other bands all tell me the space sounds better than any other they've ever played in.

    Peace on ya...DAcat
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jack Bruce, Noel Redding, John Entwhistle, Ron Wood(with Jeff Beck), John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, Jaco, Gary Willis, Marcus Miller, Tommy Shannon, Sting, Vic Wooten, Ron Carter, Christian McBride, Viktor Krauss(with Bill Frisel's band) and on guitar Jeff Beck, Ry Cooder, Sonny Landreth, Bill Frisel, John Scofield, SRV, Johnny Winter, Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, Joe Walsh, and every one else who's laid down a great Riff/Groove that we've all learned from...Peace...DAcat
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Scuba Diving, Sailing, Hiking, Biking, Psychology, Philosophy, Playing my bass, Writing/arranging, Metaphysics, Meditation, Music, Dancing, My Wonderful Wife, Recording in my studio (not in that order).
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    Playing bass guitar professionally since 1966


    Alembic Bass Club,
    Mesa 400+ #42,
    Official Mesa Boogie Member#158

    Peace... DAcat :cool:
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