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    Current Setup:
    1978 Fender Precision Bass
    5-string Marcus Miller V7
    4-String Musicman Stingray
    Custom 4-string Fender Jaguar Bass
    Custom Fender Bass VI
    Fender Acoustic Bass
    Ibanez 1206 6-string Bass
    Ibanez Ergodyne 700

    Yamaha PB-1
    Ampeg 8x10
    Ampeg 4x10 Pro Series

    Band Pedalboard:
    NPMP Black Forest Kompressor (Forest Green clone)
    Boss LS-2 Line Selector
    EHX PitchFork
    NPMP Admiral (Barbershop clone)
    NPMP Rat vs Rat (modified Rat clone)
    SA Orbital Modulator
    Boss DD7
    Digitech Dirty Robot
    Zoom MS60B
    Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
    Digitech Supernatural Reverb
    Aguilar Tone Hammer

    Fly Rig:
    Mooer Tender Octave
    Source Audio Bass OFD
    Zoom CDR

    Guitar Board:
    Polytune 2
    Digitech Whammy Ricochet
    AMT Expression Pedal
    NPMP Molly OD (Wampler Ecstasy Clone)
    Pigtronix EP-2 Envelope Phaser
    Line 6 M9
    NPMP Man Fuzz (Tonebender Clone)
    EHX Stereo Mistress
    Pigtronix Filter Pro Delay
    Digitech Hardwire Reverb

    Bass Synth Board:
    Korg G5 Bass Synth
    Zoom B3
    Markbass Super Synth
    Zoom CDR
    Source Audio BEF Pro - HH3
    Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distortion 2
    NPMP Damn, Gina (DAM Ezekiel Clone)
    EHX Freeze
    Meridian Funkulator
    Fuzzrocious Ram The Manparts
    Line 6 M5
    Moog Expression EP3
    NPMP Sex Squish (Rothwell Love Squeeze Clone)

    Synth Lead:
    Boss Slicer
    Korg KP3
    Digitech Timebender

    Subdecay Vitruvian Mod
    NPMP Glitter Fuzz
    MSLP Valaryian Doom Deluxe
    NPMP Cock-Tails
    Moogfooger Delay
    Zoom MS50G

    Korg Micro X
    Roland JD-XI
    G.A.S. List:
    SVT Classic Head, Mesa Walkabout, Goatkeeper GK3, Empress Compressor, EHX POG,
    Influences and Teachers:
    Tommy Stinson. John Paul Jones, Paul Simonon, anyone who plays for the stage!


    "Let's get weird, son!"
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