Jul 16, 2006
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January 13
NY, Just Like I Pictured It.
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    January 13
    NY, Just Like I Pictured It.
    Current Setup:
    2013 Republic Travel Bass Prototype
    2010 Kala Mahogany uBass
    2010 Kala Hutch Hutchinson Signature Limited Edition uBass
    2008 Birdsong Cortobass #061
    2007 MusicMan Bongo 4HS Dargie Delight I (1 of only 5)
    2005 Kona Walkingbass 4-String EUB (1 of only 12)
    BSX T-Bass Electric Upright Bass
    Roland Micro Cube Bass RX
    Univox 15" Cabinet
    Yamaha B100II Head
    Peavey 400 Head
    Bongo Club Member #18
    Birdsong Club Member #26
    Gibson Club Member #57
    Fender Jazz Bass Club Member #342
    MIM Fender P-Bass Club Member #63
    Kala uBass Club Member #16
    Founder of The SX Bass Club forum
    Founder of the uBass Appreciation Society blog
    Previously Owned Gear:
    2011 Brubaker Brute MJX-4 Matador Red
    2010 NS Design WAV 4 EUB
    2012 Traveler Guitars Ultra Light Bass
    2012 Waterstone Meaden Prototype (1 of 4)
    2003 Ibanez SRX400 in Martini Olive Green
    2009 Ibanez SRX2EX2
    1983 Tokai .38 Special Bass Red
    1970s Peavy Fury 4-String
    1980s Biscayne Four Palmer Miami Series Jazz
    1981 Kramer Aluminum Neck DMZ 4001
    Rogue 4-string Acoustic-Electric
    1999 Fender MIA P-Bass
    Various SX Jazz and P-Basses - Fretted and Fretless
    EBMM S.U.B.
    EBMM SUB Sterling
    EBMM Sterling
    EBMM Bongo
    Yamaha BB414
    Yamaha SBV
    Jay Turser Beatle Bass
    2008 Hohner B2ADB Headless
    1981 Guild B-301
    2007 Gibson SG Supreme (137/400)
    1980 Kramer Duke Headless
    1980s Tanara P-bass
    2008 Pink Hofner Icon (25/40)
    2008 B.C. Rich Zombie Exotic Classic
    2005 B.C. Rich Warlock - NJ Series - Maple Quilt Top
    2006 B.C. Rich Beast Bass - Savage Series (#2 of 24)
    2009 Jay Turser JTB-401
    2010 Ashbory
    2010 Douglas Pisces
    2010 Dean USA Hilsboro Jazz - Surf Green
    1988 Ibanez Roadstar II RB999 "Bean Bass"
    2010 Epiphone EB-3 Limited Edition Short Scale
    1996 Warwick Corvette ProLine
    1970s Aria Diamond Mosrite copy
    2010 Squier Custom Vibe '50s Precision
    2011 Spector Spectorcore Fretless
    Kydd "Big Kydd" EUB
    1971 Univox Model 1920 Beatle Bass w/Scroll Headstock
    Influences and Teachers:
    Rob Stoner (Bob Dylan. Link Wray, Robert Gordon)
    Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
    Sting (The Police)
    James Jamerson (Motown)
    Pete Farndon (The Pretenders)
    Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones)
    Hobbies and Interests:


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