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Mar 4, 2015
Feb 1, 2012
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from Louisiana

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Mar 4, 2015
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  • About

    Current Setup:
    Gibson Thunderbird
    ESP/LTD Phoenix 1004
    Schecter Raiden Deluxe 5
    Fender Rumble 350
    ESP/LTD Viper 256P (Guitar)
    Favorite Genres:
    Metal (and all it's subtypes), Jazz (and all it's subtypes), Old School Rap, Rock, Lounge, World Beat,, etc....etc....
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Yamaha BB300
    Aria Pro II ZZ Bass (Seller's remorse)
    Charvel 3B
    Charvel 4B
    Charvel Eliminator
    Fender P-Bass '88 MIJ (Seller's remorse)
    Fender '99 Hot Rod P-Bass (Seller's remorse)
    Fender Steve Harris Signature (1st edition)
    Squier Vintage Modified P-Bass (Tele model)
    Ibanez Iceman ICB-200
    Spector ReBop 5 (Seller's remorse)
    G&L ASAT Fretless (Seller's remorse)
    G&L L2000 Fretless
    BC Rich ST-4
    Jackson JM6 (Seller's remorse)
    Peavey Forum AX 5-string
    Peavey T-40 (x2)
    Peavey RJIV (Seller's remorse)
    Peavey B-Quad 4 Fretless and Fretted(Seller's remorse)
    Peavey Foundation Fretless and 5-string
    Pedulla Buzz Bass (Seller's remorse)
    Schecter Devil Tribal Bass
    Peavey Combo 300
    Fender BXR 300C
    Fender Dual Bass 400
    Peavey 1516 Cab
    Trace Elliot AH350 w/Trace 2-10 and 1-15 cabs
    Nemesis 210 Combo
    Peavey T-Max 500 Head
    Peavey Pro 410 cab
    G.A.S. List:
    EBMM Stingray
    Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003
    Kramer Wedge or Duke
    Any of the basses I have sellers remorse for!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Geezer Butler/Steve Harris/Sting/John Entwistle/DuG Pinnick/Tony Franklin/Tony Levin/Roger Waters/Jaco Pastorius/Bob Daisley/Pete Way/Allen Woody/Berry Oakley/Flea/Larry Graham/Dexter Redding/Jimmy Johnson/Nathan East/Will Lee/Ross Vallory/John Taylor/Mick Karn/Paul Raven/Simon Gallup/Garry Gary Beers/Nick Beggs/Pino Paladino/Kim Gordon/John Paul Jones/Jeff Ament/Ben Orr/Kim Deal/Randy Jackson/Gene Simmons/James Jamerson/etc....etc....
    "I was raised by the best musicians in the world, and I know where I stole every, note!"-Jaco


    "I was raised by the best musicians in the world, and I know where I stole every note!"-Jaco