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Sep 25, 1977 (Age: 44)
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Providence RI

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44, from Providence RI

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    Sep 25, 1977 (Age: 44)
    Home Page:
    Providence RI
    Current Setup:

    Acoustic 450
    Ampeg SVT (Blueline '70)
    Ampeg SVT (Magnavox era)
    Ampeg V4B (1973)
    Orange AD200B MkIII
    Peavy Microbass
    Trace Elliot V8
    Traynor TS-200


    King Doublebass Tiger King (Tangerine burst)
    King Doublebass Sparkle King #17 (Red)
    King Doublebass Kustom Sparkle King (Red w/black flames and custom devil scroll)
    77 Carl Thompson birds eye maple
    95 Carl Thompson flamed maple
    1984 Ric 4003 (Mapleglo)
    1989 Ric 4003S (Articglo)
    Pedulla MVP
    77 Ibanez Black Eagle
    Gibson Blackbird
    Hohner B Bass VI fretless
    '87 Fender '62 Reissue P Bass (LPB)
    '77 Ibanez double neck

    Ampeg SVT 810 (Early straight back cab)
    Ampeg SVT 810 (Magnavox era plywood cab)
    Ampeg V4 412 (1978)
    Ampeg V4 412 (1977)
    2 Trace Ellliot 1084 8X10
    2 Traynor YC810 (Big B cab)
    Custom made Electric style 810
    2 Custom made Electric style 215

    Boss TU-3 Tuner
    Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
    Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
    Boss DS-1 Distortion
    MXR M-80 DI
    Sovtek Big Muff (black)
    EH Bass Micro Synth
    EH Pulsar
    DOD FX-32 Meatbox
    Snarling Dogs Mold Spore
    Snarling Dogs Erogenous Moan
    Mountainking Megalith #4 (Black)
    Mountainking Megalith #31(Silver)
    Mountainking Megalith #38(Silver)
    Mountainking Megalith #77(Copper)
    Mountainking Megalith #91(Silver)
    Mountainking Trem/Ringmod one off
    Mountainking Magnetar #4
    Mountainking Behemoth #2
    Mountainking Huge Box II #5 (PCB Proto)
    Cobrahawk B12 Fuzz
    Sanford & Sonny Bluebeard Fuzz #473
    Sanford & Sonny Bluebeard Fuzz #208
    DMB Lunar Echo
    Oxfuzz Bass Fuzz #11 (Black Sparkle)
    Oxfuzz Bass Fuzz #61 (Purple Sparkle)
    EQD Organizer
    Strymon Timeline
    Eventide SPACE
    Eventide Pitchfactor
    Eventide Modfactor
    Digitech Multiplay 20/20
    Sunmachine Effects Fuzz O))) Doom Drone Machine
    Monolith Tectonic Shift
    Monolith Lodestone
    Custom Ezekiel 25:17 clone
    Montgomery Appliances Fuzz Mountain
    Moog Taurus 3


    Rev Solo 2 pickup (2)
    Korg Toneworks Pandora PX4B
    King Doublebass Magnetic Pickup (2)
    King Doublebass Doll Head Pickup
    Mogami Cables
    Monster Cables
    Get 'em Get 'em Straps
    Schaller Strap locks
    Dunlop Strap locks
    Ingles Doublebass Stands
    Jargar Doublebass Strings
    Eurosonic Doublebass Strings
    Clef Gut Doublebass Strings
    Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys
    Fender Stainless Flats
    Rotosound Flats
    SKB Cases
    Innovation RAB strings
    Innovation "Silver Slaps"
    Voodoo Labs PP2+, ISO 5
    George L's Cables
    Trailer Trash Pedal Boards
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Too much to list.....
    G.A.S. List:
    Matamp GT200 Bass, Electric Amp Power Unit, Hiwatt 400, 60's Jazz Bass Lake PLacid Blue with matching headstock, Rickenbacker 4001LK(Lemmy Bass), Orange 810, Sunn amps, Etc, Etc.....................
    Influences and Teachers:
    Anyone playing a bass. You can learn something from everyone


    Just your average fuzz and delay junkie.
    WOOZY Soundcloud

    Stuff for Sale
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