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Jun 20, 2018 at 1:21 AM
Jul 29, 2015
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Aug 26, 1987 (Age: 30)


Male, 30, from Connecticut

" Punk Rock is whatever you want it to be. " D. Boon Sep 4, 2017

descendent22 was last seen:
Jun 20, 2018 at 1:21 AM
    1. descendent22
      " Punk Rock is whatever you want it to be. " D. Boon
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    2. descendent22
      " Punk Rock changed our lives "
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    3. descendent22
      Punk Rock is whatever you want it to be
    4. descendent22
      If you really believe in yourself, keep at it and I don't care how long it takes, it will happen and will make you happy
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  • About

    Aug 26, 1987 (Age: 30)
    Current Setup:
    Fender P bass heavily modified ( frankenbass )
    - EMG active pickups(had to route the body cavity for the 9v battery to fit )
    - omega bass ass II nickel plated brass high mass bridge
    -Dunlop strap locks
    -Fender "F" logo neck plate
    - swapped the stock p neck with a Fender jazz bass neck

    ESP ltd vintage 214 ( modified )
    -EMG active Pickups
    -esp J204 neck( swapped out the stock vintage 214 neck)
    - Dunlop strap locks
    -tortoise shell pickguard

    Ibanez Ergodyne edb600

    -Ampeg SVT Pro 3 Head
    - Ampeg SVT Classic 610 HLF cab
    -SansAmp Tech 21 RBI rackmount preamp tube emulator
    -ETA PD8L power conditioner
    - Behringer BTR2000 rackmount tuner

    Ampeg BA-110 40w combo ( home practice amp )

    Strings- Ernie Ball Super Slinky 100,80,65,45
    -all round wounds, Flat wounds are to dull sounding
    Favorite Genres:
    My technique consists of both finger style and playing with a Pick. I like playing whatever I can be passionate about. If it's something I just can't get a feeling for then I don't play it. If I had to use the word " Genre " I'd say Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Rock N Roll, Reggae, pop punk and whatever else that is good music.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Original band in the talking/beginning stages
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I've had so much gear throughout the years. I wish I had everything that was sold, stolen, pawned, traded, etc still in my possession. Circle of life.
    G.A.S. List:
    1965 Pre CBS Fender P Bass
    1976-77 Fender P bass
    1962 Fender Jazz bass
    Fender 60's Road worn Jazz bass fiesta red
    1985-87 Fender MIJ Jazz bass special 555 series
    1st Gen Fender active deluxe Pbass Special
    1965 Gibson eb3
    1972 Gibson eb3
    2014-15 Gibson Sg special bass ( had one stolen )
    1993 Gibson Les Paul Bass
    Esp vintage 4
    Duff Mckagan Fender signature bass
    Tommy Stinson signature ESP bass

    Ampeg a SVT classic V4b Blue Label Head with an SVT classic 610 cab ☑️
    Fender super bassman pro unit

    Influences and Teachers:
    Bass- Tommy Stinson, Duff Mckagan, Dee Dee Ramone, Karl Alvarez, CJ Ramone, JPJ, Tony Lombardo, Mike Watt

    Guitar- Izzy Stradlin, Gilby Clark, Brad Nowell, Johnny Ramone, Tim Armstrong,slash, Richard fortis, ace frehley, Kurt cobain,Lars fredrickson, D'boon
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Other hobbies-Playing Guitar,reading biographies/autobiographies,song writing,dogs,tattoos,Pittsburgh Steelers, currently writing a comic, YouTube, concerts/gigs/shows
    I play Both bass and guitar but I'm truly a bassist. I play both finger and pick bass as I love playing either way both the same. My Favorite band/s are Guns N' Roses, sublime and The Descendents and the Replacements among all others. Original old school Punk Rock is my favorite kind of music as I also love Bands such as the clash, the Ramones, Rancid, ALL, The Minutemen and others . I apreciate and respect all music but that doesn't mean I like all music. I only play and listen to music I can relate too or that I am passionate for. I love everything to do with the 1990's as I think it was one of histories greatest and best decades. It was the last of blue collar and the American way in the USA. Sports, music, fashion ,politics and business, cartoons, pop culture, food and soda were all awesome in the 90's. I hate corporate America and this country needs to get back to its roots which is small business and caring for the American people.
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