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Montreal, Canada
Full Time Musician


Male, from Montreal, Canada

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    Home Page:
    Montreal, Canada
    Full Time Musician
    Current Setup:

    Ampeg PF350
    EBS Neodrome 1x12 combo
    Phil Jones Briefcase
    2008 Ampeg SVT CL
    1967 Ampeg B-15n
    1973 Acoustic 360 preamp
    1973 Traynor YBA-3
    Bergantino HD410
    Bergantino HD210
    Glockenklang Heart Rock
    Glockenklang Take5 4X10
    1973 Acoustic 360 preamp

    2015 PLGuitares P Bass (1964 clone)
    1995 Modulus JV
    1977 precision black and maple
    2013 Mike Lull M4V ash maple with sadowsky preamp
    Nordy JV5 Ash maple in ice blue metalic with neo rail pickups
    EBMMSR5 1993 BLACK
    Mike Lull M4V (ash maple with Sadowsky preamp)
    Yamaha BB2024 black
    2007 Sandberg California TM4 Cream High Gloss (alder body rosewood fingerboard Delano pickups and Glockenklang preamp)
    2009 Rickenbacker 4004cii trans blue (Conversion Varnish)
    Sigma BMC-15e Acoustic Bass Guitar
    1972/73 Pbass Ash 11lbs A-neck rosewood fingerboard
    2006 Mike Lull M4 Trans Blue, Maple Fingerboard, Fralin SC and Bart Pre-Amp
    2008 Spector Euro 35 inch scale NS2 Trans black
    2013 Fender Cabronita (x3) - Red, 2TSB and Black (w thunderbucker Pickup)
    2012 Classic 50's P 2TSB bass with Benedetti pickups and Nitro finished pick guard
    1983 Roland Synth bass made by Ibanez neck through (modded:2 Bartolini MM pickups)
    1966 Fender Mustang Bass - old old black refine looks killer!!
    2011 Angry Angus Custom PJ (3TSB nitro aged, Alder rosewood - killer bass!)
    1977 Musicman Singray - 2TSB maple neck B00 serial
    1978 Musicman Singray - Black and maple
    1998 Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling
    1968 Fender Jazz Bass _ frankenstein stripped down to the fullerplast, smith bridge, Suhr humpfrey pickups, 2003 fender replacement neck.
    1984 Steinberger XL2, Black SS pickups, plug-in leg rest
    1985 Yamaha BB2000 - cherry burst
    1983 Yamaha BB3000s - Sparkle Black
    1968 Fender Tele Bass - blonde nitro
    1969 Fender Tele Bass - Black Poly
    JHS Vintage brand Fretless J style aged (like a Jaco bass) delano pickups
    1968 Gibson Melody-maker short scale bass (burgundy Metallic)

    big box black Russi muff
    Moolon Fuzz 14
    EHX POG2
    Xotic Bass Blender
    Sadowsky outboard Bass Preamp
    Moollon Bass drive
    Moollon Fuzz 14
    EHX Nano Bass Big Muff
    POG 2
    ZVEX Wooly Mammoth
    Boss CS2
    BOSS OC2
    Boss PH1,
    Boss Chorus
    Roger Mayer Voodoo bass
    HBE Bajo Moss
    HBE Hematoma with bur brown upgrade
    TRex Bass Squeezer
    Demeter Opto compulator
    BOSS TU3
    Xotic X-blender
    Pigtronix Keymaster
    Carl Martin Rock Bug
    Xotic Bass RC Booster
    Groove tubes Tube preamp
    SWR Grand Prix preamp (green face)
    Many other pedals... Flangers, phasers chorus, Fuzzes, Delays, switchers...etc.
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, Grunge, Fusion, Blues, R&B
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Jordan Lazare, Shane Murphy, the Tympanics (a.k.a. CHILLBILLY), Scott Lee Mitchell and the Halos, Kweku and the Movement , Hot Tub, The Rising Few, City Lake, The Grand Imperial Monarchy of Power, A Thousand Years (tribute to Sting, The Police and Music from the era), Midnight Shambles (A tribute to a Rolling Stones Tribute Band) ZUUM DAWG (electronic pop... yet to record our worst album)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Franken Jazz with Status neck and EMGs
    2013 Mike Lull JT4 Candy Orange (alder and rosewood)
    2009 Mike Lull P4 3TSB, Alder and braz, D tuner and gold guard (nitro finished)!!
    Lots of pedals...(SFT, Mastotron, Muffs, Boosts,
    filters, Hoof fuzz,1972 Traynor YBA-1,Peavey Dynabass (circa 1987)
    2003 Mike Lull M4V 2TSB (with quilt top, OBP-1 and Ebony fingerboard)
    1993 Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling (the first sterling ever made)
    Erizias Single cut, 5 string, 21 fret, 35 scale,
    2003 AVRI Jazz
    Ampeg 210 cab
    Pigtronix EP1
    Ooo La la Torn's Peaker
    Korg Pitch black
    BOSS Volume pedal
    Boss PH3
    Ibanez OT10
    Cusack tap a whirl
    Tech 21SansAmp Bass driver DI
    Aguilar Tone Hammer
    Tecamp Puma 500 2x10 combo
    Mesa mpulse 360
    powerhouse 2x10
    powerhouse 1x15
    EBS Classic 410
    Yorkville 410B
    Yorkville 400B (third one I've owned!)
    Ibanez SR3005ESOL prestige 2003
    Peavey Foundation
    fender 1975 Precision bass
    fender 1993 Precision Plus deluxe with lace sensors ASH body with rosewood fingerboard
    Peavey TNT150
    Fender sidekick bass 30 bass amp
    Peavey 410tx cabinets
    Yorkville 400B bass amp
    Ibanez sr506 (BM)
    Line6 Bass Pod PROxt
    Boss pedals (SP3, OC2,)
    Morley Volume (old one)
    Yorkville 50 watt practice amp
    Boss pedals (ODB-3)
    Digitech BP8
    Digitech Bass driver/overdrive/distortion
    Mesa/Boogie Mpulse360
    G.A.S. List:
    Pre CBS P bass
    Pre CBS Jazz
    Moollon P and J Classics
    A better fretless bass
    A Lull 5 string
    A custom shop fender
    another Berg HD210
    Phil Jones M300 or M500
    Phil Jones 9B and 6T
    Mike Lull T4
    Lull PJ
    Lull TC4 or TC5
    a PLGuitares Jazz Neck
    Influences and Teachers:
    Jaco, Entwistle, Duck Dunn, Prestia, Flea, Stuart Zender, Sting, Darryl Jones, MacCa. James Jamerson, Noel redding, Duff McKeggan, Louis Johnson, Bernard Edwards, Mike Mills, John Taylor
    Hobbies and Interests:
    water skiing, down hill skiing, working out, good mirco brewery beers
    Former Part-Time, Non-Commission Employee MOOG Audio
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    Minor in music and 25 years teaching private lessons


    "... but I figured he'd probably gotten some bad medical news and was trying to make amends before the Big Gulp,... " by Arthritic_Tom
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