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Dec 13, 2004
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Seattle WA area
real estate & agriculture


Bassic User, Male, from Seattle WA area

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The more I play, the better I get -- or so I think. May 25, 2016

    1. drumsnbass
      The more I play, the better I get -- or so I think.
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    Seattle WA area
    real estate & agriculture
    Current Setup:

    +Pedulla Pentabuzz
    +Pedulla MVP5
    +Novaes (Brasilian builder) 5 string re-worked by Mike Lull
    +Peavey TL-6 1st gen
    +Kubicki Ex-Factor (FCS)
    +Kubicki Ex-factor (Kubicki build)


    +Eden WT405 amp head
    +Bag End 2x12 & 1x15 deep red series
    +Eden Nemesis Combo Amp 320/4x10 w/1x15 added cab
    Favorite Genres:
    Jazz, brazilian, Motown, R&B, classic rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    No one sane would hire me.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Al my previous gear & why it's no longer mine:

    Fender Marcus Miller 4 string -- (sold because it was heavy like an anchor)

    Ibanez ATK 300 (korea) -- (sold when I discovered the 5th string)

    Carvin fretless 5 string unlined -- (love fretless but I need markers!)

    Roscoe fretless LG3005 unlined -- (I need markers!)

    Zon Sonus Studio 5 --(just did not float my boat)

    Roscoe LG3005 -- (traded for Pedulla Pentabuzz -- didn't get into the Roscoe neck shape)

    Zon 5/2 -- (discovered Pedullas and prefer that sound)

    Zon 519F -- incredible bass but prefer 17.5mm spacing

    Sadowsky Metro 5 -- (traded for a 17.5mm Pedulla)

    Pedulla Pentabuzz 19mm (traded for a 17mm Warwick)

    Warwick Custom Shop fretless (no radius on fingerboard)

    Pedulla Hexabuzz (prefer 5 strings -- moved to Pentabuzz)
    G.A.S. List:
    Zon 5 string fretless, 34" scale, 17mm spacing, half lined board, satin neck finish.
    Influences and Teachers:
    The hard-bop/bebop bassists. also love any kind of Brazilian/samba/bossa bass lines/players.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    drums, what else!
    For a guy who has bought and sold a lot of basses, I really have no significant bass talent. I just enjoy the whole bass thing -- learning, playing, buying, selling, trading -- all of it. I try to play for 1/2-2 hours a day.

    My talents have really progressed quite a bit once I 'discovered' narrow string basses, particularly Pedulla's. Seems that was my 'missing link' for moving forward faster. Despite big hands, I like short movements, and never felt very good with 19mm basses.

    By day I am a 'retired' slacker, but in real life I am a 'gentleman soybean farmer'.


    Kubicki Club (we're too cool for numbers)
    Pedulla Club #202
    5-String Club #666
    Crappy bassist #369
    Peavey Club #383