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Male, from New Zealand

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    Home Page:
    New Zealand
    Current Setup:
    Basses -
    Fender Custom Shop 1959 Precision
    Kidds 12 string
    Hamer Monaco
    Gibson Les Paul - Gold top
    Gibson Thunderbird
    Gibson Blackbird
    Warmoth J-neck P-body MM-pickup
    Duesenberg Starbass
    Paul Reed Smith Bass
    MJT P Bass
    MJT Tele Bass
    Fender Pawn shop Bass VI
    Ibanez Black Eagle
    Ibanez 1979 Roadster RS820?
    Danelectro short scale

    Amps -
    Marshall VBA400,
    Marshall VBC412
    Mesa Carbine 9 2x12 combo

    FX - It's all about the fuzz
    Verellen Meatsmoke and Big Spider
    Malekko-B:assmaster(silicone and Germanium),chaos, Diabolik and
    Lofi Ekko
    Fuzzrocious Rat king, Rat tail, Dark Driving, Heliotropic and Demon
    Mantic - Vitriol
    Redwitch - Factotum and Zeus
    Old Blood Noise - Black Fountain
    Fairfield- unpleasant surprise
    Robot factory-Tentacle love
    Smallsound-Team awesome fuzz machine and Hawk Fuzz
    Fuzzhugger - Bass Bloom
    Devi ever-Ruiner, Wolf, Hellois, Shoe gazer and Bit
    Death by Audio-Soundwave Breakdown, Interstellar OD deluxe, fuzz war, Apocalypse and Harmonic Transformer
    WMD-Geiger counter
    EH-Bigmuff and Micro Qtr.
    Boss-Space Echo, LS-2, Multi Overtone, FZ-2 Super Fuzz,
    Waza Delay, Bass Driver
    Crowther-Prunes and Custard
    Way Huge-Swolen Pickle MKII
    Iron Either-Oxide and Subterranea
    Earthbound Audio-Supercollider
    Fuzzhugger-Bass Bloom
    Myrtle-Cronk Box
    MXR-Slash Octave Fuzz, Flanger, Stereo Chorus
    Recovery-Bad Comrade
    Badcat X-treme Tone
    Zvex-Fuzz Probe and Fuzzfactory
    SIB- Mr. Echo
    Garage Tone-Oil Can
    Xotic-BB Bass Preamp and Ep Booster
    Red Design Brassmaster
    Dr. Scientist - Frazz Dazzler
    Earthquaker Devices - Grand Orbiter Phaser and tone Reaper
    Diamond Fireburst fuzz
    Blackcat Bass Octave Fuzz
    Dwarfcraft Silver rose
    Katanasound Super Bass Fuzz
    Retro Mechanical Electron
    Digitech Meatball
    Frantone Lo-tone
    Prescription Depth Charge
    DNA Bass Dragger
    Black Arts Sarcophagus
    Blakemore Ex Machina
    DOD Meatbox
    Mr Black Silver Moon
    Moog Boost and Drive
    Favorite Genres:
    Hard Rock / Industrial / Garage / noise
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    G.A.S. List:


    Verellen #7 Thunderbird #127 Hamer #26 Warmoth Club #