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Aug 24, 2014
Jul 26, 2012
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from New York, NY

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Aug 24, 2014
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    Home Page:
    New York, NY
    Current Setup:
    Electric Bass gear:

    - MTD 635-24 #2164 35" scale 6-string electric bass (endorsing artist), with MTD custom strings that I believe are made by Dean Markley and Bartolini Custom Proprietary transparent electronics - this is my main bass and more MTD's to come - this is truly a dream bass to play;
    - ERG Custom Guitars 34" scale 5-string passive bass, with DR Lo-Rider strings - this is an honorable present from the company luthier Ruslan Davydov and marketing director Alex Khaskin - a great passive bass;
    - Warmoth 5-string 34" scale fretless bass with D'Addario strings and Bartolini pickups and pre-amp - this is a present from my friend and amazing musician, Marc Stocker;
    - EBS black label pedals (endorsing artist) - MultiComp, OctaBass, UniChorus, BassIQ, D-Phaser, Stanley Clarke Signature Wah/Volume pedal;
    - MXR analog carbon copy delay pedal;
    - Boss RC-30 looper pedal;
    - Pensa electric bass pre-amp;
    - TC Electronic Nova reverb;
    - Radial Engineering Tonebone Bassbone bass control center (includes a dual channel pre-amp, for doubling on more than one bass) and Bones Hollywood distortion pedal;
    - Electro-Harmonix Mini POG Polyphonic Octave Generator;
    - Ernie Ball volume pedal.

    Double Bass gear:

    - Russian handmade Double Bass from 1974 (Pirastro Eudoxa G & A and Evah Pirazzi A & E strings);
    - Antique French bow, circa 1830'ies;
    - Coda/Gage Metropolitan bow;
    - Fishman Full Circle acoustic bass pickup and Bass Platinum Pro 2 pre-amp (affiliated artist);
    - DPA 4099b bass mic (affiliated artist).

    Other gear:

    - Acoustic Image amps and cabinets (endorsing artist): The New Yorker & Ten2 with Cabrio Docking system;
    - Reunion Blues Gig Bags instrument cases and guitar straps (endorsing artist);
    - Moody Leather guitar strap;
    - What else, I got a lot of small accessories but can't list them all. Obviously I am kind of a gear nerd :)))
    Favorite Genres:
    Any good music that appeals to me! Don't really like labels.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    You can check that out at my website, listed here on my TalkBass profile, under contact info.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I usually do not sell my equipment, although lately have been considering to do so...I have an AMT Bass mic SP-25T which, was modified to my specs and which I had been using for a while, until I had discovered DPA mics, which fit what I needed better. I have my older basses, Ibanez SR-506 and Westone Thunderbass 3 fretless. What else, Mooradian upright bass case, etc.
    G.A.S. List:
    Tons of MTD basses of all varieties; amazing and unique antique, "noble" upright bass that would become the older brother of my current upright; Epifani amps and speakers (not to be mistaken, I am an Acoustic Image endorsing artist, but these amps and cabs do not conflict each other, as Acoustic Image builds completely acoustic mini-light-weight (but real clean and powerful) equipment and serves a very different purpose than Epifani - I have place for them both in my rig and musical needs); Aguilar is also an amazing speaker and cab builder. I would like to have BOSS GT-10B and later on, Boss VM-99 or something like that (MIDI synth for bass). I'll keep adding stuff here as I recall new items I'd like to have.
    Influences and Teachers:
    Too many to list. I have been heavily digging into listening to great music and musicians of all instruments, generations and genres. In order to take music forward, one has to know the past as best as possible. The learning process never stops - if I ever stop learning, it's going to be my last day as a professional musician.
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Hiking, Biking, Scotch, Cowboy boots, History, anything National Geographic, Books, etc. Too many!:)
    Endorsing artist: MTD (Michael Tobias Design) electric basses