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Mar 19, 2019 at 4:55 AM
Aug 21, 2013
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Southwest Virginia
Waterworks Professional

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I Still Dream of Jeannie, Male, from Southwest Virginia

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Mar 19, 2019 at 4:55 AM
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    Southwest Virginia
    Waterworks Professional
    Current Setup:
    An unattributed flat back/carved top double-bass circa 1850.
    An unattributed laminated European (pre WW2 Germany) bass, fractional sized, long scale.
    Englehardt EM-1

    2007 Rick Turner EL-535-PMM,
    2005 Rick Turner EL-535-PMM (fretless),
    2010 Rick Turner Renaissance RB5 Special,
    2013 Rick Turner Renaissance RB5 Custom Fretless,
    1977 Alembic Series I,
    1981 Alembic Distillate 4-string,
    1985 Alembic Custom 4-string (fretless),
    1989 Alembic Persuader 5-string,
    2017 Alembic Custom 5-string (fretless),
    1987 Gibson Thunder Series V,
    1987 Gibson Q-80 Custom Shop,
    2005 Epiphone EB-0,
    2018 Ibanez PNB14E Parlor Bass,
    1998 DeArmond Starfire II (Alembicized),
    1999 DeArmond Starfire II,
    2017 Guild Starfire II (Newark St.)

    Amps/Preamps :
    Mesa-Boogie Walkabout,
    Mesa-Boogie D-800,
    Acoustic Image Clarus 2,
    Acoustic Image Contra Series II,
    Crown XLS 2000 "DriveCore"
    Crate Acoustic CA125,
    Yorkville/Traynor 50w,
    Alembic F-1X preamp,
    DTar Equinox preamp,
    ART Tube V preamp

    Mesa Scout 15
    Avatar SB126 (x2)
    Avatar SB112
    Avatar B115
    Bag End S10-D
    Bag End S15-D
    Bag End S15X-D

    Effects Pedals:
    Broughton Audio Resonant LPF,
    TC Electronics PolyTune 2,
    D'Addario 32-bit pedal tuner,
    MXR M134 Stereo Chorus,
    MXR M83 Chorus Deluxe,
    MXR M87 Compressor,
    MXR 10-band EQ,
    Boss Bass Chorus CE-3,
    Boss Phaser
    Favorite Genres:
    Whatever jam I'm playing at the time... I just love to play, doesn't matter much what kind of music.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Have basses, will travel...
    Previously Owned Gear:
    I tend to keep gear forever... or abandon it at rest stops.
    G.A.S. List:
    Rick Turner Model One bass.
    Influences and Teachers:
    John McVie, Jimmy Johnson, Lee Sklar, Rick Danko, John Klingberg, Mark Schatz, Edgar Meyer, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, George Hawkins, Viktor Krauss, and of course, Mark "Rabbit" Ramsey and Jerry Steinberg!

    Tal Wilkenfeld... well, she just ROCKS!
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Is there anything else...?
    Formerly a full-time player, active from 1994-2001. These days, just a fairly busy guy working a Monday thru Friday job, meanwhile trying to maintain a decent rep as a "weekend warrior" bassist. Never experienced "the burnout"... I still love to play, and gigging with a wide variety of ensembles around Southwest Virginia affords me a way to keep the chops up, and a means for acquiring some nice gear.


    Still bucking for that Thomastik-Infeld $tring endorsement...