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ElliottStrong's Recent Activity

  1. ElliottStrong posted a new thread.

    TRADED 1982 Hamer Cruisebass Mahogany

    1982 HAMER USA cruise bass, one piece mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood board. Beautiful wood and craftsmanship throughout. Also...

    20180618_180108.jpg 20180618_180139.jpg 20180618_180119.jpg 20180618_180215.jpg 20180618_180152.jpg 20180618_180237.jpg 20180619_073117.jpg 20180618_180300.jpg 20180619_073133.jpg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Jun 19, 2018 at 4:10 PM
  2. ElliottStrong replied to the thread TRADED Lakland 44-60 Trans White (Mary Kaye).


    Jun 17, 2018 at 9:39 PM
  3. ElliottStrong posted a new thread.

    TRADED Lakland 44-60 Trans White (Mary Kaye)

    Just picked this up in a trade. Lakland 44-60, formerly Joe Osborn model, Skyline in Transparent White (mary kaye) for sale. Rare...

    B84EA369-FB4C-4F40-9E04-14D47EA6AE65.jpg FAC91113-6AB5-4314-B472-B410BB25D456-1.jpg 9D57ED79-2EE1-48DA-BD09-6EC60945C1A2.jpg 8326B44B-E189-4E86-8970-B6F28D7F6359.jpg 5C487F22-1145-4E7A-9BAB-3CA75AF065B8.jpg 302377AE-5E58-44A6-86DE-07B1C15CEE53.jpg C0C5DCF2-7DF1-4E66-82E5-EDA297F4B547.jpg F4755A32-F270-4048-BE51-4268A647AB42.jpg 06E00A9A-CA65-45F7-8A9E-C65B9DF2BCBB.jpg 50AA679A-4978-4E09-8340-50779E304070.jpg 8609F97B-1E24-4916-99E0-100BE541FEF2.jpg 2A2AF79F-0F33-4C87-8F76-AEB839A395ED.jpg

    Forum: For Sale: Bass Guitars

    Jun 14, 2018 at 8:37 AM