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Apr 12, 2021 at 2:37 PM
May 30, 2004
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Oct 15, 1981 (Age: 39)
Oklahoma City, OK
Purchasing Manager (Oil Patch)

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39, from Oklahoma City, OK

Supporting Member
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Viewing thread Warmoth Custom 5-24 AAA Birdseye Aguilar/Sadowsky, Apr 12, 2021 at 2:37 PM
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    Oct 15, 1981 (Age: 39)
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Purchasing Manager (Oil Patch)
    Current Setup:

    Sadowsky NYC PJ5 Seafoam Green, Tort guard. Unchambered (heavy like I like it at 10lbs) ash body, Brazilian RW Fretboard. 20 frets w/ernie ball flats and/or Sadowsky Blacks

    Sadowsky NYC Modern 5 fretless. PBody, unchambered ash body in white, ebony board with ernie ball heavy gauge rounds

    Roscoe SKB 6string, Spanish Cedar/Cocobollo Top. Aguilar 2band Pre with VTC, Nodstrand Big Single PUPs

    Upton Standard URB 5 string Corelli Forte TX
    Full Circle Pickup

    Amps: Markbass Randy Jackson 500watt
    Cabs: Epifani UL410 S2, Bergantino NV215 EA WIzzy 10

    Cables: Monster Instrument/Speaker Cables

    Effects: Boss GT-10B

    Cables: Monster Cable
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Musical Mercenary (infrequent gigger at the moment)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    MTD 634 34" Scale 6string natural walnut body (no top) and wenge neck/board. Aguilar 18v Pre installed with Bart PUPS

    Sadowsky UV5 ash/maple transwhite/white blocks

    08' American STD Fender P5 with Chrome flats
    FBass BN6F Neckthru w/18mm spacing

    Sadowsky NYC ultra-light weight PJ5 Body in alder with Brz RW Board

    Sadowsky NYC PJ5 in alder/brazilian rosewood, 59' Burst finish with a Gold Anodized Pickguard, strung with D'Addario Chrome Flats

    Sadowsky NYC PJ5 in ash/flamed maple board,
    Trans White finish with a Gold Anodized Pickguard

    Early MTD 535 w/5A Quilted Maple Top/Ash Body/Wenge Neck & Board

    Rick Turner Renaissance Unlined Fretless 5

    Pedulla Pentabuzz in Blue/Green Sunburst with Unlined Fretboard

    NYC Sadowsky PJ5 in Alder/Brazilian Rosewood, Nordstrand Pickups, Lake Placid Blue finish. Smokin bass

    Fender Precision Five String in Olympic White/Tortshell

    1990 Warwick Thum 6 Neckthru

    Yamaha John Patitucci Sixstring

    Ergo 5-string EUB (I WILL have another!!)

    Lakland USA Bob Glaub PJ

    Yamaha TRB1005

    Custom Shop LTD 58 Precision with TI Flats

    Rick Turner Renaissance Semi-Acoustic 5 string fretless w/ unlined ebony board and solid koa body and top

    Sadowsky Modern M5-24 in 59' Burst w/VTC

    Eminence EUB

    Sadowsky RV 5 Sonic Blue with Single Coil Pups

    Tony Franklin fretless 4

    Yamaha BB415

    1954 Kay M-1 upright with david gage transducer

    AtelierZ5'er with Pensa Suhr 2band pre

    Modulus Quantum 5 with Bubinga top/satin finish and Bartolini EQ

    Sadowsky Metro, UV70RW5

    4 MTD's (Tulipwood/Wenge, Ash/Maple, Mahogany/Maple)

    Modulus Quantum/Genesis 5

    Ken Smith BSR5EG & BSR6'er

    1978 Fender P-Bass


    Markbass: LMII/SD800/TA501

    Aguilar: AG500SC (keep coming back to Aguilar!!!)
    DB750 (Big Daddy Aggie)
    GS410 x 2
    GS112 x2

    Epifani: UL502
    UL110 x2
    UL410 Series I
    Thunderfunk TFB550B

    Accugroove ElWhappo/Tri210L/Bill Dickens Signature

    Euphonic Audio: iAmp 800 head and combo

    Eden WT550B

    SWR Super Redhead

    Ampeg SVT CL and 8x10

    GK MB150E/1001RB/800RB

    Wow. Just typing that made me realize my problem!!!
    G.A.S. List:
    Got it done, except that I'd like a Warwick Alien Acoustic 6, a smoking Electric Upright, maybe a music-man esque Sadowsky 5, and a Pre-Gibson Signature Tobias 6. Love a concert tuba again. 4 Valve, no rotors. BBb.
    Influences and Teachers:
    James Jamerson, Jerry Jemmott, Marcus Miller mute technique,Nathan Watts, Willie Weeks Stevie Wonder's left hand, Chuck Rainey, Charles Mingus, Chollie Mingus, Bootsy Collins, AJ, JS BACH, Chris Squire, Flea, Paul Jackson, Jaco, Neil Evans (soulive), Andrew Gouche, Terrance Palmer, Fred Hammond, George Duke, Wagner's Tuba lines.

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