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Erick Lam
Mar 2, 2000
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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    Current Setup:
    5 string F bass fretless (25-ish old model)
    Eden amp and cab (VT300 + 410XLT)
    Boss VF-1 and GT-10B
    Cables & bits & bits & bits
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Sound Pinata
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Boss ME-50b
    Beringer FCB1010
    Roland FC300
    4 string Phantom (cheapo-deluxe, 1st bass)
    5 string MF (awesome)
    5 string Ibanez SDGR (OK)
    Ross amp 50w (1st amp)
    Old 100w Yamaha amp with 15" speaker (The "Elephant Talk")
    Trace Elliot pre-amp (GP12) with Peavy powered cab (210w, 2x10") and 15" cab
    Influences and Teachers:
    Igor Stravinsky
    Gary Willis
    Jaco Pastorius
    Tony Levin
    Alain Caron
    Steve Harris (before I even played bass!)

    Gilbert Fleury (Classical Double Bass)
    Guy Boisvert (Jazz double bass and bass guitar)
    François Bourassa (not bass, but learned a lot with him)
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Photography, outdoor sports


    Erick - Sound Pinata