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Aug 19, 2007
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from Visalia, CA

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    Home Page:
    Visalia, CA
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock/Classic Rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Borrowed Time
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Fender/Squier Dimension Deluxe V
    SBMM Ray 4
    Ibanez BTB-1305e (Maple/RW)
    MTD CRB-5 (Trans Black/RW)
    Ibanez SR-505 (Mahogany/RW)
    Ibanez BTB-1005 (Maple/RW)
    TBC (The Bass Company) AP 500M (Natural/Black/Pau Ferro)
    Fernandes Retrospect 5X (Sunburst/RW)
    Ibanez ATK 3EX1 (Black/Black/RW)
    Peavey Forum (Black/Black/RW)
    The Bass Company JT-400JJ (Nat/Red/Pau Ferro)
    OLP MM-2 (Blonde w/Maple Neck, Nordstrand MM4.2 p'up)
    SX SJB-75 (LPB with RW P neck), Dimarzio p'ups
    SX SJB-75 LTD (3TS with RW P neck)
    SX SPJ (3TS/RW)
    Squire P (2 different ones)
    Peavey T-40
    Old "Beatles" Violin Bass
    Douglas NB-C2 (Tobacco SB/RW)

    Marshall MB4210 (as a monitor)
    Roland Bass Cube
    Carvin BX1200
    Fender Bassman 4x10 & 1x15 Cabs
    1x15 Folded Horn Cab

    Korg Pitchblack
    Boss GE-7B
    Electronix Submarine x2
    MarkBass Compressore
    Tech 21 - VT BASS
    Tech 21 - VT Bass Deluxe
    Tech 21 - ParaDriver DI x2
    Trace Elliot SM7EQ
    G.A.S. List:
    Doing all I can to avoid GAS...
    Influences and Teachers:
    Love the Blues (i.e. Tommy Shannon), Les Claypool, I can recall seeing Flea (wearing pants made out of stuffed animals) play on the Arsenio Hall show when I was a kid and thought WHOA!!!
    Hobbies and Interests:
    My Wife, my kids, and CYCLING


    "They ain't following me, I'm just in front." - Rubber Duck

    lol <---- does that look like someone drowning to anyone else? :eyebrow: