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    Current Setup:
    A hobby of mine is taking inexpensive basses and modding them in to something special. Here's my current family...

    * Pedulla Pentabuzz (OK... this one wasn't cheap, but it's soooo nice!!)

    * Brubaker Brute MJX5 - Bartolini pickups and pre/custom pickguard/Yin Yang markers

    * Stingray Classic 5

    * Squier VM Jazz bass (aka LBFM - Little Brown Funk Machine)
    - Fender '75 reissue pickups
    - Audere JZ3 preamp
    - Badass II bridge
    - All black hardware
    - DR Black Beauties

    * SX SPJ-62 P/J bass
    - Seymour Duncan SPB-3 "Quarter Pounder" P pickup
    - Seymour Duncan STK-J2B "Hot Stack" noisless J pickup
    - SX Jazz neck /w black block inlays
    - TI Flats

    * Ibanez SRX400
    - Villex pickup /w passive mid control

    * Ibanez SR406
    - Noll preamp

    * Cort GB-75


    * Radial Tonebone

    * Boss RC-50 Loop Station

    * MXR Bass Envelope Filter

    * MXR Bass Octave

    * Boss OC-2 Octave

    * MXR Carbon Copy

    * Way Huge Pork Loin

    * Chunk Systems 00Funk

    * EHX Q-Tron

    * EHX Small Stone

    * Digitech Bass Synth Wah

    * Carvin BX500 and RL1000 heads

    * Avatar 2x12 Cab

    * Avatar 1X12 Neo Cab

    * Presonus Firestudio Project/Line6 Toneport KB37

    * Ableton Live/Reaper
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Dara Quinn Project - Jazz Fusion, Deadcasuals - funk rock, Four on the Floor - Improv Booty Music, Darsis Eye -Live Electronica, Hoboscratch & Djibouti - Improv Jam Rock
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Skjold Custom 5
    MTD Z5 (Audere 4-band, Nordy DC5's, Hipshot A bridge)
    Squier Deluxe Active Jazz V aka The Squierowsky
    (Sadowsky preamp /w VTC, Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pickups)
    Antoniotsai 6 string (Custom for Pedulla Bartolini pickups/NTMB pre)
    Copley CEB-515 fretless (Ibanez "vari-mid" pre)
    Brice Z6 (Bartolini NTMB pre)
    OLP MM3 (Seymour Duncan pickup/pre)
    Carvin XB76P (koa, MM/J/piezo)
    Peavey Millennium BXP
    TBC AP-500M
    Peavey Cirrus BXP 5
    Warwick Corvette
    Ibanez ATK700 quilt maple
    Ibanez Roadstar II
    Ibanez SRX400
    Ibanez SR1205NT
    G.A.S. List:
    Whatcha got? :)
    Influences and Teachers:
    Sayers, Scollard, Pastorius, Miller, Wooten, Graham, Johnson, Commerford, Claypool, Severhead, Schmidt, Laswell, Karn, Wobble, Barrett, Squarepusher, Newstead
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Hacking my world


    G.A.S. List:
    Patience, tolerance, discipline, the ultimate funk groove...
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