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Feb 14, 2019
Oct 28, 2005
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Gilbert, AZ

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In the land of drummers, the bass player is king., Male, from Gilbert, AZ

That 82 Rickenbacker 4003S in my profile picture found a new home a long time ago. Oct 13, 2018

FenderBassist was last seen:
Feb 14, 2019
    1. FenderBassist
      That 82 Rickenbacker 4003S in my profile picture found a new home a long time ago.
    2. FenderBassist
      Strictly a Precision bass player these days having fun with various 60s-90s material.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Gilbert, AZ
    Current Setup:
    I don't use 5 string basses anymore, thus this approach...details subject to change:

    Standard Precision Bass in Arctic White
    - E Standard tuning, flatwound strings

    Vintage Modified PJ Precision Bass in 3-tone Sunburst
    - E Flat tuning, flatwound strings

    Vintage Modified PJ Precision Bass in Lake Placid Blue
    - E Standard tuning, roundwound strings

    Vintage Modified PJ Precision Bass in Lake Placid Blue
    - D Standard tuning, roundwound strings

    Currently using D'Addario EXL-170 roundwounds and Fender 9050L flatwounds.

    Rumble 500 head
    - with 1 Rumble 115 cabinet (1x15" @ 300 watts)
    - with 2 Rumble 115 cabinets (2x15" @ 500 watts)

    Rumble 200 combo
    - solo (1x15" @ 140 watts)
    - with 1 Rumble 115 cabinet (2x15" @ 200 watts)
    Favorite Genres:
    British Invasion, Acid / Psychedelic Rock, Album Rock, Blues Rock, Electric Blues, Yacht Rock, New Wave, Alternative, Indie, Classic Soul, Classic R&B, Americana, Roots Rock, Classic Funk, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Jamaican Dancehall.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Various bands since 1986.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    4 STRING BASSES: Ric 4001S and 4003S, Peavey Palladium, MIJ P, MIM Ps, "Parts" P/Js, MIJ Squier custom J/P/J, Squier Classic Vibe P, SX Ps, Ibanez Blazer, Aria Pro II P/J, Kramer DMZ5000, Cort J, SX Js. I'm sure that there's others I've forgotten to add to this list.

    5 STRING BASSES: had only a few of these, didn't stick with them....Cort 5 string with dual humbuckers, Fender 5 string J, SX 5 string J.

    COMBO AMPS: Ampeg B100R, dual Behringer BXL3000s + BDI21 Vtone preamp, Peavey DataBass

    AMP HEADS/CABINETS: Peavey Mark III head + GK 4x10 cabinet, Allaire Sound system (BlueTube preamp + Furman graphic EQ + QSC power amp in rack, with dual JBL 1x15 3/4" birch front loaded cabinets )
    G.A.S. List:
    Sure, I would love to own American Pro Fenders, Laklands, Sadowskys, Vintage Fender Bassmen and Ampeg SVT Classic Stacks... and a truck to move them all with. But that's unlikely to happen anytime soon, so I use what I have.
    Influences and Teachers:
    James Jamerson, Duck Dunn, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Walter Becker, Nathan Watts, Richard Cousins, Tina Weymouth, Bernard Edwards, George Porter Jr., Jackie Jackson, George Fullwood, Aston Barrett, Phil Lesh, Mike Rutherford, Geddy Lee, Roger Waters, Dee Murray, Doug Stegmeyer, Pete Farnden, Bruce Thomas, Colin Moulding, John Deacon, Mike Mills, Graham Maby, Andy Rourke, Keith Wilkinson, Sting, John Taylor, Paul Bryan, Aimee Mann, Brian Stevens, Tony Kanal, Robert DeLeo, Jim Creeggan, Laura Lee, Rhydian Dafydd, Pino Palladino


    Passive Club #37, P-Bass Club #558, Fender Rumble Club #861, Acoustic Club #60, Essex (SX) Bass Club member in good standing.
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