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Nov 2, 1973 (Age: 50)
Landenberg, Pennsylvania


Guest, Male, 50, from Landenberg, Pennsylvania

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      check for ticks!
    2. flameworker
      Finally finishing my dream rig. 2x15's +2x10's, SWR-->CROWN--> 20/[email protected]. Now I just need a levitation device!
    3. flameworker
      you can learn a lot about a man by his solder joints!
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    Nov 2, 1973 (Age: 50)
    Landenberg, Pennsylvania
    Current Setup:
    6 String bass, named (Mason's Child) Hand carved solid 3" thick (in the center) ancient wormy Walnut body wrapped around a bone nutted 1999 NOS Warwick Thumb Ovangaloc and Wenge Standard width neck. 2 Slanted MEC gold split coil active pickups, Bartolini NTMB with 2 25K volume pots, blend removed and a modified 3 way mid switch with pot(swapped cap 250 to 460...I think...) Tuned E flat to high B {drives guitarists nuts if they are reading your fretboard!}
    DR lowrider Roundwound strings 30,45,65,85,105,165 (the 165 is some other brand)
    Planning to go to lighter strings and tune C-B, as it is confusing and makes me flub occasionally, but those meatier strings sound really good.

    5 string Fretless named "Black Tuna" Ibanez 5 String Fretless Maple neck from a K5 signature, Bone nut, dropped into a 2012 SR505BM body, preparing to strip the body and dye it black burst to match the neck,mk1 bartolini's-stock preamp. Rotosound 66 swing bass bass roundwound strings, 45,65,80,105, (135 D'addario B_)

    5 String Fretted Named "Goldie" Natural Ash Fender American Jazz bass special, HM, 1991 .3 , yep Three, lace sensor single coil jazz pickups, modded to 3 , 3 way micro switches (stock is a strat 5 way). Stock HM preamp (going to NTMB 5.1 as soon as I can find a used one. Or might buy the bare bones NTMBF and pot it myself).
    Strung up Diadario 26( roundwound guitar string), 35,45,60,80 Tuned High C-E

    2008 SR506BM fretted Ibanez. Getting a refinish too, just stripping it and then using dark Danish Oil. Modifications include Bone nut, replacing pickups with Music Man style Alinco 5mm pole piece coil tapped soapbar at neck position, will be moving it towards the bridge 1" to the sweet spot when the refinish happens, The damn battery compartment is in the way, but there is room in the main cavity for it. Great sounding mod, a friend of mine did it, Bridge pickup is from a Lackland, ACTIVE Mk1 Bartolini (they are rare but are not fiction, the extra white wire can't be denied!) I have another one, they were out of phase with each other, might put it into the bridge position of the 5 string. Stock preamp, 250 k volume pot means active pickup pretty much stays all the way up, or off.

    All bass necks (except the Thumb) Have had the back of the necks roughed to satin with a green 3m pad, and I use pool cue talc.

    Current Amp
    Swr Red Face 350
    160 watt Flying Mole power amp

    Pre amped by an ART Tube Studio Microphone preamp, modded with a Mullard 12ax7 tube (tube cost almost as much as the preamp, well it would have - but i had one already). Honestly did not change the sound much. These get a bad name and I see why, at first I was using my brothers, but I had to get my own, his from 5 years ago sucks, the ones being produced now (maybe I got Lucky) sound much better, I even swapped the mallard tube into his, still sounds like crap. Post samples if I feel like it.

    Hopefully upgrading my preamp back to an ADA MB1 later this week. Fingers crossed.

    Boze 301+901 cabinets, no amp for them yet tho.
    Favorite Genres:
    Funk, Afro Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz (Which is really afro cuban jazz), Jazz, Pop,Rock,Indie,Experimental,Noise,Punk,Funk,Disco,Rap,Hip Hop, reaggae, Bluegrass, Jug Band Music(really), Funk, and whatever Victor Wooten albums are.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    ComaToast (16 year old Flameworker came up with that all by his self)
    Mr. Feedback and the Static Men (That is just me and a looper, came up with it at age 4 for my dad's band, i still use it)
    Ewoks Die
    Shannon Penn Band
    DownHill Racer
    Crash and Bill
    Adam, Jake, CR, and Chuck (still one of my favorites)
    Adam Cotter and Justin Nagles Golden Turntables (Another 2000ie disaster, booked a full room, justin just scratched and played beats when we rehearsed, his scratching is on the level of mix master mike, but he panicked at the show and started spinning jungle tracks,..they are full of bass...*** was I supposed to DO?!?!?!)

    The Intergalactic Peace Coalition with special guest the Vibrating Pickle!
    Yep. 1990's had a whole lot of acid too, you 60's guys...
    Backed a bunch of those Chick singer songwriters
    Bunch of cover bands I filled in for
    Previously Owned Gear:
    1982 Peavy Fury Black with Maple neck. Loved it, bent the truss trying to be like Jaco and do vibrato.

    1957 Fender Precision. I will cry if I think about it. It was my Uncles, and it was stolen,.I would literally kill them if I saw them again. (not literally but i would call them a very bad name indeed.)

    yamaha p bass copy in red sparkle!

    1987 RB500 (or something) Sparkle teal hard polyester coating, alder body and maple neck . my first slapable bass. real active pickups (my band att had a song called the 9v jam, as whenever my battery died on stage I had to swap it out or it was silent, so while I spun the screwdriver {no batt compartments in those times!} they would play that song and ridicule me (good naturedly). Some kind of good preamp, sounded like an emg setup. Loved that bass, wore the frets thru I loved it so much, eventually pulled the frets and made it a fretless (rosewood fretboard) and loaned it to a close friend who promptly lost it.

    1984 8 string Ibanez. Real beauty, had a nitro finish over natural wood body, mahogany lines. Brass hardware with patina.Swapped a really cool hot pink Ibanez RG for it that had a very rare single coil in the neck position, and not giant frets. Dave Navarro signature. It was even signed. Shoulda kept the G'tar. No Idea what became of that bass.

    1975 p bass with badass 2 bridge. meh.craclemonster

    1990's MIM white jazz bass,

    1994 American Standard Jazz bass, smelled like vanilla! Sunburst, went bartolini, STOLEN

    1990's Squire Jazz with bartolini pickups

    1990's Music Man of some kind, red

    1992 6 string Ken Smith CR custom bolt on with lacewood and maple top.
    Alembic Electronics with that cool mid switch and knob. Oh How I loved and Abused her (like the best loves of our lives) I lit the neck on fire sometimes weekly (naptha just burns off), Overhead smashed it into cymbals (usually the china..Broke more than one...,{ that did shag up one of the Alembic boards, which cost HUNDREDS of dollars to replace, wont be doing that again)) Threw it down (in the case) on South street after a bad gig. My brother luckily having more sense ran 2 blocks back to retrieve it for me. I once left it in a gig bag leaning against a phone booth(remember them?) on rt 322 outside philly , very busy 2 lane blacktop highway, it was still there 4 hours later. I love honest people! a few months later at a show at REX's in West Chester, STOLEN. I hate dishonest people, my name is in the serial number, i hope to meet her again before i die. Oh, and I used to push the headstock thru a Hartke 10" speaker (after the first time i was just ********, I found the cabinet sounded better with just 3 speakers hooked up, so I would tape the alumium paper back) Oh the 90's were a good time.

    Various other basses I can't remember them all.

    Amps And Cabintets

    first amp Gorilla 1 8" combo. Overdrove it with a 1965 bassman head, sounded cool for 5 minutes.

    Fender Bass 1980's 115 combo. Cool combo, similar to the rumble.

    Roland 1 15 amp, 300w, built in chorus, really nice sounding, like a bassier jazz chorus,expensive,Big,heavy, Black and STOLEN
    I would still use it now.

    The obligatory Peavy Mark 3, 4 heads

    a BIG peavy keyboard amp combo

    One of my favorite amps, a Combo by Yamaha(I think) for Electronic Drums, It had an 18, and a bunch of other speakers and adjustments for the speakers. Borrowed it for a year or so, never saw another quite like it. HUGE thing, not svt shaped, wider and squatter, couldnt get it into a van from the side at all, barely fit thru the back. Had 4 handles and you needed them


    A modified leslie speaker that didnt spin but had the amp

    A bogen PA head
    INTO a
    JBL 1 15 w horn (stuffed a sock in it)

    Trace elliot 2 10 combos. I had two, the good one, and the meh one. Ususally added a 15 cab or something

    Ampeg b 15...a real one. I had no idea what I had at the time. Had a bad speaker and old tubes so it sounded like crap, traded it.... for a CRATE...Dont want to talk about it....whaaaaa,,,

    Crate 1000 watt bass head. And 2 Crate 15" speaker boxs. NOT worth a B15 obviously..Iwas like 17...LOOKED like a great deal a the time,

    19 70's Shure PA columns loaded with 10" speakers, 14" wide 7' tall or so, 12 10's I think all together. Awesome. gone.
    powered by
    1965 fender bassman head (are they really for bass?)

    Ampeg rocket bass 1 15..cool little guy, on long loan

    1970's Kustom Puffy black sparkle head with matching 2 15 cab
    Big HEavy Sucked.

    GK400RB head.
    Icy Cold. Loud tho

    Hartke 7500 Mosfoset(or whaever)

    Hartke 350
    Hartke 75 with a 10" combo wedge

    Hartke 4 10 transporter
    Hartke 410 XL (night and day difference, transporters are ok, but the XL is much better
    Hartke 1 15 XL

    Crate 1 15

    24" speaker (maybe yamaha?)

    Acoustic 370
    Loved it, hopefully mark has it
    With 2 361 sized cerwin vega 18"+12 cabinets, ported with tweeters, WOW. BOOOOM , a 1000 watt crown sounded even better with them, they need a lot of juice to sound good.

    Ampeg rack SVT head that I never got to work

    SWR 350 that had a buzz, so i had the top off to fiddle, at an outdoor festival someone spilled a beer into it. A Yengling lager, toasted it good. Oh, no it was one of the red head amps, I had the head out to use with bigger speakers. What a bad idea.

    SWR baby Blue Head and Cabinet
    and a
    Bag end 15"
    (in my opinion the best sounding rig, not that loud(plenty loud tho) but great tone, a swr Baby blue combo with a bag end 15" extension cab) Now i would probabaly use a JBL self powered subwoofer.

    SWR Super Red HEad Combo.
    I thought it would be a biiger better baby blue, but it didnt have that tone. Had 2 of them at different times. They are handy,

    MUtron 3
    Big Muff
    Eventide Harmonizer (not mine technically)

    Wow, I went thru a lot of gear. wonder where it all is now...
    G.A.S. List:
    The markbass 151 combo with 500 watts and no tweeter (Jeff somebody's signature, its great)

    2 Acoustic 360 Heads and a 361 Cab..for Jaco moments

    The big Eden head.

    A henry the 8 x 10 with a Crown 1000, Ada pre

    Modulus 6 string

    Alembic Series 1 or 2

    Alembic rouge 6 string

    Oh this would take all day forget it
    Hobbies and Interests:
    glass blowing , wood working, circuit bending
    one day....
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    I am just me.


    Finally finishing my dream rig. Eminence Kappa 2x15's +2x10's, BBE-->SWR-->CROWN=boom.
    Now I just need a levitation device, freaking heavy.
    I love phisics!
    Somebody-- "When the highs lead the lows we hear clarity. When the lows lead the highs we hear mud"....time alignment thing."
    Dan Healy--" piezo tweeters ..... I took them out and threw them away, I can't bear the sound coming out of them, it's simply bursts of random noise! They're just disgustingly awful."
    only 9,802 more hours to go before I master that.
    I Love Science!
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