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May 3
Raleigh, NC
EMC/Wireless Test Engineer

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Male, from Raleigh, NC

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    May 3
    Raleigh, NC
    EMC/Wireless Test Engineer
    Current Setup:
    -Sadowsky NYC UV60
    -Sadowsky NYC PJ5
    -Fender Custom Shop 64 NOS 3TSB
    -Valenti #222 PJ/JJ
    -Fender Elite Body (2017) w/ a 2016 Elite Jazz Neck, Sadowsky Pre, Duncan Apollo Pickups
    -Bacchus WL-501AC 5 String w/ Sadowsky Pre, Fralin SC Pickups
    -Warmoth Custom, PJ/JJ, Sadowsky PJ Pickups, Sadowsky Pre
    -Warmoth Custom Dinky PJ/JJ, LPB, Nordstrand Power Blade/Big J Blade (W&W)
    -Custom built '54 style Precision
    -Sadowsky ME (RSD-China) 5 String, with Sadowsky 4 knob Plate w/ VTC..

    Mesa Boogie TT 800
    Mesa Boogie 800+ Preamp
    Genzler Benz Streamliner 900
    Mesa Boogie Subway 1x15 (2)
    Phil Jones Bass Cub Pro 120W Micro Combo Amp 2x5" (BG-120B)
    Phil Jones Compact 2 (C2-B), 200W 2 x 5", 8-ohm) "Piranha" Series Bass Cabinet
    Master Effects Super 300 Preamp
    Lightning Boy NuVision (x2)
    Eden Glowplug
    Valvecaster Pedal
    SaturnWorks Valvecaster
    TC Spark Booster (x2)

    Effectrode LA-1A
    Diamond Bass Comp
    Lightning Boy Comp
    Doc Lloyd Photon Death Ray
    Empress Bass Compressor

    Peterson HD StroboStomp Pedal Tuner (X2)
    Xotic RC Bass Booster
    Broughton HP / LP Filter
    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus
    DigiTech Drop
    TC Electronics Ditto
    Line 6 G50 Wireless
    Line 6 G30 Wireless
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock, Contemporary Blues / Blues Rock/ Reggae, anything that grooves!
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Presently not Gigging.......working 2nd shift.....jamming w/ a couple of buddies.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    *Fender Am Precision Deluxe (2015) w/ Fender Ultra Jazz Neck (2019)
    *Sadowsky Metro HPJ-4
    *65/66 RI Jazz Bass OLY WHT w/ Matching Headstock
    *Sadowsky RV4 Metro, OLY WHT/RW, SAD SC's
    *Sadowsky Will Lee 5
    * Fender Hot Rod Jazz (PJ)
    *Warmoth Custom Jazz w/ Sadowsky SCs (Duncan) and Sadowsky Pre
    *Warmoth Precision / Nate Mendel Neck, Fralin Pickup
    *77' Fender Jazz Bass, Mocha / Maple
    *88 MM Stringray, Birdeye Maple Neck
    *2008 Fender Am STD Jazz (8.5LBs)
    *2011 Fender Am STD Jazz Bass
    *2005 Fender Am STD Jazz Bass
    *2010 Fender Am STD Precision
    *2006/2007 Fender USA 62RI Jazz
    *96 Fender American STD Jazz
    -USA Fender 62RI, Oly Wht
    *Fender Sting Custom Bass; Sting body, CIJ '51 RI Neck, Fralin Split Coil 51' Pickup
    *Warmoth Jazz w/ Nordy Big Singles, Sadowsky Pre
    *Lakland 44-64 (Duck Dunn) 8.1 LBs
    *Bacchus WL-434 4 String, CAR w/ matching Headstock...SD ANT II Pickups
    *Bacchus WL-434 4 String, OLY White w/ matching Headstock
    *Fender Magnificent 7 PJ Bass
    *2016 Fender USA Elite Jazz Bass
    *Warmoth Custom Jazz, Shoreline Gold, w/ Nordstrand Big J Blade Pickups and Nordy 2B Preamp

    *Aguilar DB750
    *Mesa Boogie WD-800
    *Genzler MG800
    *Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0
    *Genz Benz Shuttlemax 9.2
    *Baer ML112 (2) Ver 1
    Avatar 112 Delta
    Avatar 210 Neo
    Effectrode Blackbird
    Baer ML-112 (v2)
    Baer ML-115
    G.A.S. List:
    Sadowsky RV5 5 String (Japan Metro or Metro Express Japan)...possibly a NYC)

    Dreaming… NYC J5 Alder w/ a Brazilian Bd
    Influences and Teachers:
    Tommy Shannon, Richard Cousins, Duck Dunn, Johnny B. Gayden, Tully Kennedy, Carmine Rojas, Dave Smith, George Porter, etc....
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Cruising the Caribbean, Chilling on Ocracoke Island, the Florida Gulf Coast, riding my bike, hanging with my Kitties, a Porter on Draft, a Shot of good Rum….or bourbon


    Sadowsky Club Member #166
    Fender Jazz Bass Club Member #232
    Olympic White Bass Club #49
    Fender Custom Shop Club Member #47
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