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    1. gbass312
      Just now reading your old post. Curious what you ended up getting and how you like it. I have a DNA 1x15 and it is definitely a clean and warm sound. Ironically I was considering a Mesa stack with a 1x15 and 1x12 subway for medium to larger gigs. Interested in what you purchased and thoughts.
      1. FollowMeDown
        I got a used DNS112NP. love it. Clean, flat & amazing how much of a rich deep note I can get from such a small cab. I often get compliments on my sound. I had to fix some rattling/buzzing inside the cab though as they didn't secure the speaker wires at all or glue in the port duct very well, so both were buzzing. Easy fix with zip ties & epoxy but I would have expected DNA to care more about such details.
        Apr 27, 2021
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    2. searayus1
      Thank God! A note of sanity! Sure, theres a quality difference between a First Act bass and an American Precision, but that's it, at least to me. I know most wont agree with me but I think there is no difference between the guy that buys a $25k bass and the bald guy with the new red Corvette.
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      2. GregC
        Sanity? Seems more like a strawman to me. Very few $25K basses even exist. It's turned into an excuse to criticize expensive basses and the people who buy them. There are threads like that on TB ALL the time.
        Mar 13, 2019
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