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Mar 23, 2021
Jul 24, 2007
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Kingston, ON

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from Kingston, ON

fretless4string was last seen:
Mar 23, 2021
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    Kingston, ON
    Current Setup:
    Zon SONUS Special 4 fretless #01202 199X
    Zon SONUS TJ-4 fretless #40801 2015
    Oskar Graf Hauser-style Classical Guitar 1996
    TecAmp S 212
    Markbass F1
    Godin Multiac Classical Guitar
    Fender Stratocaster
    Paul Reed Smith Electric Guitar
    Intellitouch and Fender Tuner (woo hoo)
    Roland Edirol UA-25EX and CAD GXL2200 Large diameter condenser microphone
    Favorite Genres:
    Jazz, Classical.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Zon Sonus TJ5 fretless #080907
    Zon VB5-H fretted with figured redwood top #47048
    Pedulla Thunderbass 4 string fretted
    Warwick Streamer 5 string fretless
    Fender P-bass 4 string
    Gallien Krueger RB400
    Gibson The Paul (I wish I had never let this go)
    Ovation Nylon String Guitar
    Larrivee Acoustic Guitar
    Godin Multiac Steel String Guitar
    Robin McHugh (Glasgow) Classical Guitar
    G.A.S. List:
    TecAmp Puma 350
    Fodera Imperial 5 string fretted
    Fodera Monarch 4 string fretted
    Wal MKI fretless (the iconic bass)
    Influences and Teachers:
    Edgar Meyer, Charlie Haden, Michael Manring, Gary Willis, Mick Karn, Pino Palladino, James Jamerson, John McLaughlin, Richard Bona, Jaco Pastorius, Sting, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges, Miles Davis, Bach, Leo Brower, Villa Lobos, Joe Pass, Egberto Gismonti, Victor Wooten, Beetles
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Athletic pretentions


    MBCM #311
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