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Still beats havin' a job, from FoCo, NoCo

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    Home Page:
    FoCo, NoCo
    Current Setup:
    '97 Warwick Corvette Standard bolt-on 5 string
    Ibanez Mikro 5 string
    Ibanez ATK 305 (2, fretted and fretless)
    Yamaha BB415
    Hofner Icon
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Jurassicasters
    Just Jazz Quintet
    Monday Night Band
    Media Luna
    Velvet Compass
    Denver Gay Mens Chorus / Denver Womens Chorus
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Ibanez Prestige 3006 fretless
    Brian Moore i5 5 string
    Danelectro Hodad 3 pickup bass
    Brice 8-string fretless

    If you ever see any of these floating around, they might be MINE... they were stolen in '06!
    Influences and Teachers:
    Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius, Vernon Reid, Doug Wimbish, Stanley Clarke, Larry Graham, Bruce Thomas, Rob Wasserman, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Willis, and on and on and on and on and on.....
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Christian, Certified beer geek, baseball, hockey, our football, the other football too
    Available for Instruction?:
    • Bass Guitar Instruction
    Teaching Credentials:
    30 years experience, degree from MI in '89


    THUS ENDETH THIS THREAD. <-- So sayeth Fretlessman71, a.k.a. "Thread Killer"

    - Never go out of your way to misunderstand someone or be a jerk. -

    Colorado Club #6
    Ibanez Mikro Club #148
    Danelectro Owners Club #132
    Hunk-A-Junk Basses Club #1
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