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Mar 31, 2020
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    1. NomadicBacon
      I acquired a Status Streamline this year. Fitted with a GruvGear neo duo strap on it, it's like nothing else. The build quality is just perfect, the sound is amazing and the weight ... there is no proper bass that weight that can beat it. Everything just works. All I crave now is a five string version of the same. You will love it more the older you get.
    2. radiopicture
      Fender. My first bass was an 1964 L-series Jazz Bass. I have a modern 5-string Jazz Bass now. I have a Music Man Big Al 5 SSS, but it's really a fun bolt-on neck bass with a few twists in the Fender style. The only other bass I have is a pre-Gibson Tobias Classic 5 that I sting with flat-wounds, but it wouldn't displace the jazz Bass.
    3. gamblebass
      I would stay with Elrick for the feel, versatility, aesthetics, and of course the quality.
    4. harrisrljc
      All things considered, I'd have to use my Music Man
    5. Michael Raftice
      Michael Raftice
      I would have to stick with my Fender. I resisted getting a fender for years because everyone plays them. I got a steal on a "fender Brickyard precision" with two humbuckers. I bought it, put Labella Flatwounds on it, and even though I own other, more expensive, fancy, basses, this is my go to instrument. I am an old school guy and It is the "Motown machine".
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