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    Buffalo, New York
    Current Setup:
    BASSES: Recently acquired (june 2011) Left-Handed. 7 string Worker Bee. With frets. 30 years of owning fretless 4-string Fender copies just.....pfffft. Left-Handed early 80's Cort (I think) P-Bass copy made out of particle-board plywood and an SX Jazz copy ("Now with improved bridge for better sustain!") that I got in an emergency (2009) when the Cort died (before I got my Bee). Both with the frets ripped out by a nail clipper and filled with wood filler. I haven't even picked up either of my fretless basses since I got the Bee.


    When I started playing again in like 2009 I had a B15 with a blown speaker powering a Peavey Basic40 speaker lined out to a JBL powered plastic PA cabinet.

    Eventually I got:
    a beat-up SWR 4x10 (eh)
    an SWR BIg Bertha (not bad for 4-string)
    2 Acme 4 Ohm Low B2 cabinets , (Pretty cool) ...
    2 Barefaced Big Baby's (one is a Big Baby T) ....Unbelievable!! Even after a year, I feel like Forest Gump when he touched that chick's boob every time I play through these. They are by far the best cab I ever played through.

    fEARful 15/6 in an awesome gold-sparkle duratex finish built by Leland Crooks. I have drunk the kool aid

    I love what I have been learning about cab technology on TB and applying it to things on the gig. I have become quite the cab collector/aficionado. Eventually I would like to try out this Big E stuff.

    QSC PLX3102 (awesome),
    -- Presonus Studio Channel (cool, but cannot properly drive the rather high input sens (1.4V) of the QSC
    -- an eden WTDI (meh).
    -- But then I got an Aguilar Tone Hammer (MUCH better)
    --then an Eden Navigator (WAY better, but a kind of colored sound)


    I never was much interested in effects for like 25 years then one day I see a video for the Darkglass B3K and something snapped in my head. "ba-DOING!!" Now I'm freakin hooked pretty bad.....

    SA BEF
    OC-2 modded, I believe, by TB'er gastric to produce square-wave distortion
    Eventide Pitchfactor
    Strymon Timeline
    SA Dual Expression Pedal
    Jean Baudin's "The Expressionator!!!"
    Loop-Master 6lopp TBL w/master bypass
    A lime-green Wooly mammoth clone
    a T1M aux pedal for the Pitchfactor
    a GEB-7 to use in the loop w/the square-wave OC2
    a tiny volume pedal for the same loop
    and finally a Disaster Area Amps DMC-4 to go with the TimeLine
    I don't even have a board, I'm using the floormats from the backseat of my car.

    UPDATE ok, I finally got a real board

    This has been the craziest years of my life. 6 years ago,i was homeless, living out of my van in Bidwell Park. That was the end result of my 25 year career as a "pro" pianist. Then I started playing bass again, after all those years (I hadn't played since I was a kid in college) and now look where I am!! I own my own house and have 3 hot girlfriends!! All from playing and teaching bass and acting like an idiot. I should have stuck all along with the instrument that really inspired me.

    TalkBass has really helped me. Lurking here for years has really helped me so much. I can honestly say I am a better player because of TalkBass
    Favorite Genres:
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Jony James Band, The Genkin Philharmonic, Rhubarb, The Brownman Electrik Trio, Critt's Juke Joint, Axis of Evil, The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Forever Young, Super Killer Robots..... I work as much as I can, like 250 or more gigs a year
    Previously Owned Gear:
    older Roland digital pianos, Wurlitzer electric pianos, mid 80's solid-state Ampeg b15 (non-electronics advice), Acme B2 bass cabs, Barefaced Big Baby's, fEARful 15/6, the incredible Hammond Dolphin Organ

    have done hundreds of gigs on all of these, in some cases thousands
    G.A.S. List:
    a decent car,
    Influences and Teachers:
    Anthony Jackson, Steve Harris, Jaco, Victor, Marcus, Sir Paul, Tom Kennedy, Brian Bromberg, Jeff Andrews, James Jamerson, Geddy Lee, Buffalo bassists Rodney Appleby and Jerry Livingston. Canadian phenom Tyler Emond

    EEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! (vinyl screeching noise) -- OMG have you heard this kid from Dirty Loops Henrik Linder?!! I am now deep into several transcriptions