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    January 16
    Current Setup:
    - Dingwall Prima (Artist) 5 Walnut w/ Wenge front and back facing and pau ferro fingerboard (my "Uber Alles")
    - Dingwall Prima 5 Walnut/Alder w/ Pauduk front and back facing and pau ferro fingerboard (custom)
    - Dingwall Prima 5 Walnut/Alder Core, quilt maple top, contrasting Bubinga Accent Laminates, 24 Fret Maple Neck w/Wenge Fingerboard, Matching Headstock, D-Tuner Extender Key On Low B-String
    -Dingwall Z1 (OMT) 5 Sassafrass with dual wenge/maple facing and maple neck and fingerboard
    -Dingwall Voodoo 5 Walnut/Alder pau ferro fingerboard Bartolinis (parallel pickups!!!!)

    Another 20 Dingwalls (I know I need to provide full description but no time right now)

    -Kenneth Lawrence Brase 5 Heavy northern Ash with maple neck and fingerboard (the first very Brase that started it all) w/ SD Dual Coils
    -Kenneth Lawrence Brase 5 Swamp Ash body, Crotch Walnut Top with maple neck, and ebony fingerboard with Aero Single Coils in Wooden Maple Covers Electronics: Seymour Duncan, Vol (Push-Pull passive mode), Bal, 3 Band EQ, Slap Contour-Switch (Mid Cut and Bass Boost adjustable via mini pot in control cavity)
    -Warrior fully armed soldier 5 (w/ Villex pickups retrofitted) Mahogany/ purpleheart w/ maple facing, mahogany/ purpleheart with ebony fretboard
    -Stingray 5 ash with maple neck and fretboard
    -Hamer Chaparal 5 (US) mahogany body with rosewood fingerboard
    -G&L 2500 Ash w/ maple neck and rosewood fingerboard
    -Carvin XB75 custom Ash with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard
    -Ritter Roya 5 custom Ash w/ maple facing and maple neck w/ ebony fingerboard
    -Shuker 5 Elite Ash with 7 piece maple/wenge neck w/ wenge fingerboard
    -Status Empathy 5 w/ walnut wings Graphite through
    -Status Empathy 5 w/ maple (custom) Graphite through
    -Status Eclipse Ltd 5 ash/maple top w/ LED's(custom) Graphite through
    -Status Eclipse Ltd 5 heavy ash body(prototype) Graphite through
    -Spector NS2-A 4str ash-maple neck-through w/ rosewood f/b PJ EMG's
    -Yamaha Attitude custom (w/ piezo) 4str
    -Carvin custom shop 4str (all Mahogany w/ ebony f/b)
    -Conklin GT7
    -Fernades 4str (upgarded w/ PJ quarter pounders Basslines and SD active Preamp)
    -Ibanez Musician 4str (w/EMG preamp)
    -Godin A4 fretted
    -US Masters EP55 (w/ studio active electronics) Lacewood body w/ flame maple top, maple neck and purpleheart f/b
    -Matt Pulcinela Level 5, light ash body, maple neck and f/b, EMGs DC35
    -Fodera 4str custom.
    -Fodera Emperor Deluxe Macc Ebony top on Walnut body w/ebony pickup covers and KingWood finger board (35") on 3 pc flame maple neck
    -Fodera Emperor Elite ash, maple top, maple neck, Brazilian Rosewood F/b, 35" scale, Nordstrand Signature DualCoils, HazLab preamp
    -Manne Trea 5 Custom, mahogany body, ash neck, f-resin f/board w/ 3 Manne J pickups
    -May Custom Bass 5
    -Kinal SK-B 24 MM (splitable)/J Barts, Bart pre amp, active/passive, Ash/maple top, Brasilian rosewood f/b (35")

    (i have played and used many more basses i have to admit)

    Euphonic audio iAmp 800
    Carvin R600 + GoliathIII + EBS 615
    Markbass 210
    EBS Gorm (15" + tweeter)
    Laney (30w ???)

    DI's & Pre-amps
    Aphex 204
    ADA MB-1

    (i will add those later)
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    5 bands at the moment plus my own performances outside the formerly mentioned bands. The material ranges from covers to originals, form rock, hard rock, heavy metal to progressive, latin, disco and ethnic.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    -Phoenix 7str
    -F Bass BN5 Ash and maple neck and fingerboard
    -MTD 535 Ash w/ Lacewood facing and maple neck and fingerboard
    -Sei bass 5, Ash w/ maple facing with maple neck and fingerboard, LED's and piezo
    -Sei Flamboyant 6, headless
    -Odyssey 5 (fretted) single piece body (olive tree) 3pc maple neck bolt-on rosewood f/b Bartolinis
    -Odyssey 5 (fretless) Neck-through 5pc maple/wenge neck, maple-lined pau-ferro 29 fret f/b, flame maple body (laminated) Bartolini's (active/passive) 2 double action truss rods
    -Lightwave Saber 5str
    -Aries 7string Custom, Neckthrough, chambered walnut body, 10pc wenge/purpleheart/etc neck, ebony f/b , Rough Crystal p'ups (F# to C 36" scale with piezo)
    -Shuker Elite 5 Wenge w/ EMG's DC40
    -R-Bass Singlecut 5, Flame Redwood Top, Mahogany body, bolt-on, Maple neck w/ ebony f/b. Nordstrand Dual Coil p'ups and U-Retro preamp
    -Stambaugh Singlecut mahogany body w/ walnut top, maple neck and f/b Aero dual coil p'ups, ABM piezo brigde, bartolini preamp
    G.A.S. List:
    Looks like my GAS steam is running out once I've ordered my Dingwall Prima Artist 5string... (but we don't know for sure...)
    Influences and Teachers:
    Musicians and life in general. Being self taught can be a handicap in terms of formal technique, but there are no paths to safely follow cause you are not aware of them!!! An honorable mention goes for some several highly profiled musicians who have treated me as a human being and not as a competitor or inferior musician
    Hobbies and Interests:
    singing, dancing, photography


    Life not understood (apprehended) is life not truly lived.

    First you need to feel what you want to be, and then you need to be what you want to feel
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