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Jun 28, 1985 (Age: 38)
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Dominican Republic


Bass Enthusiast, Male, 38, from Dominican Republic

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    Jun 28, 1985 (Age: 38)
    Home Page:
    Dominican Republic
    Current Setup:
    The Amps

    Ampeg b15n blueline era circa 1968
    Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1000 Cab

    Fender Dual Showman Head(70s)

    I have several rigs at different practice spaces and mix them up regularly depending on the gig (size, importance)

    The Axes:
    Ernieball Musicman 30th Anniversary Stingray 4 (2006)
    Ernieball Musicman 20th Anniversary Stingray 5 HH (2007)
    Ibanez precision bass (Lawsuit Era)
    Ibanez precision fretless bass (Lawsuit Era)
    Ibanez jazz bass (Lawsuit Era)
    Ibanez rickenbacker 4001 (Lawsuit Era)
    Ibanez gibson ripper (Lawsuit Era)
    Ibanez gibson thunderbird (Lawsuit Era)
    Ibanez MC-924 (1979)
    Warwick Streamer LX 5 (2015) upgraded to aguilar soapbard and OBP3
    Spector Alex Webster Euro 5 string
    Jazz bass 5 string with one piece mahogany body, bartolinis and 35 scale moses graphite neck MOP block inlays, all black hardware
    Les Paul 5 string with one piece mahogany body + neck, bartolini humbuckers and 35 scale, blue side and front dot leds, all black hardware.
    Les Paul double cut headless 5 string with with one piece maple body + bartolini pickups and 3 band EQ, 35 scale, hipshot hardware
    1960s nylon string spanish guitar

    The Pedals:
    Korg Pitchblack
    Markbass Compressore
    Way Huge Russian Pickle
    EHX Bassballs
    EHX Bassclone
    EBS Octave Pedal
    Darkglass B7K
    EHX Memory Man

    All this on a pedal train 2 powered by voodoo labs pedal power 4 x 4

    Other random stuff:
    Ibanez UE300
    Ibanez UE400
    Favorite Genres:
    Just about anything thats good, but zeppelin, mastodon, karnivool, sabbath, chilli peppers, minus the bear, gojira, metallica, slayer get a lot of heavy rotation on my ipod.
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Metalurgia (Instrumental Progressive Metal) Marfedelom (melodic death metal), Led Zeppelin R.D. Tribute Band, Black Sabbath R.D. Tribute Band, La Reforma (Punk and Ska), Rage Against The Machine Tribute Band, Progresion en Retroceso (HipHop and Rap), Macabraa (Death Metal), Franny and Zooey (Indiepop)
    Previously Owned Gear:
    In order of appearance as I remember it:

    Behringer 3000xt Head
    Behringer 4 x 10 cab
    Line 6 Bass PodPro
    Line 6 Bass Pod XT
    MIM Fender Precision Bass upgraded with bartolinis and badass II
    MIM Fender Jazz V
    Ampeg Baby Bass
    Ampeg Scroll Bass
    Ibanez 5 string Roadstar with bartolinis humbuckers and pre (made in japan 1982)
    Ernieball Musicman Stingray 5 HH
    Gallien Krueger 1001RB II
    Gallien Krueger 400RB
    Gallien Krueger 800RB
    Gallien Krueger Neo212
    Mesa Boogie BigBlock 750
    Mesa Boogie 400+
    Univox 1236 bass amp circa 1968 - 1971 (had it for home and studio use)
    Peavey Mark III, IV, and VI bass heads
    Peavey Duel Two Twelve (had it for studio use for my guitarists when recording)
    Ibanez UE400
    Mxr 6 band eq (blue box circa 1970s)
    Mxr 10 band eq
    1970s fender jazz basses (owned a couple)
    1970s fender precision basses (owned some more)
    1966 fender mustang bass
    Spector legend 5 string
    1970s short scale Aria Jazz hybrid with metal cased single coils
    Chinese made Stingray 5 copy
    Custom fretless ripper: one piece oak body, maple neck, black hardware, vintage steel humbucking pickups
    5 string Alembic Spoiler (1986)
    Univox 1011
    Roland bolt 120 hybrid guitar head (solid pre, tube power) circa 80s
    Ampeg SVT-350 (90s USA made)
    Ampeg SVT-450 (MIC)
    Marshall JMP Super PA100
    Dan Electro Fab tone (used for fuzz and distortion)
    Dan Electro Daddy O Overdrive (used for fuzz)
    Dan Electro Psycho Flanger
    Clark vintage fuzz pedal (2 of them)
    EHX Bass Microsynthesizer
    1970s gibson ripper
    1970s gibson grabber
    Framus Reissue StarBass 5/150
    EHQ Qtron+
    Way Huge Green Rhino
    EHX Ravish Sitar
    EBS ValveDrive
    DOD Stereo Chorus
    DOD Bass Chorus
    Ampeg B15N circa 1970s with replacement ceramic jensen speaker from (for home and studio use)
    Warwick Streamer Stage Standard 5 string (1999)
    Framus Star Bass (2013)
    Acoustic 370
    Acoustic 150b
    Ampeg Heritage 410
    Ampeg SVT 450
    Ampeg SVT CLassic
    Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 1000
    EBS Unichorus
    EBS Triple IQ
    MXR M82 Envelope Filter
    Darkglass B3K
    Electroharmonix BassMuff
    Ibanez 30th Anniversary Tube Screamer
    MXR Carbon Copy Delay
    Guild B301
    Outside the board:
    Ampeg SVTDI
    Radial Engineering JDI MK3 Passive Direct Box
    Boss Bass ODB3 Overdrive
    DOD Milkbox Compressor
    DOD FX 75B Envelope Filter
    G.A.S. List:
    Warwick 5 strings: Streamer Stage I and II, Corvete $$.
    Sadowsky or Lakland 5 strings. Zon 5 strings.

    Ampeg SVT Heritage 300watt tuber
    Ampeg SVT VR
    Acoustic 360
    Influences and Teachers:
    Timothy Commeford
    Geezer Butler
    John Paul Jones
    Justin Chancellor
    Troy Sanders
    Les Claypool
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Amp and instrument restoration. Reading. Working out.
    I love to play bass. I have a day job because I know how hard it is to make a living off of music. I play in a couple of tribute bands as well as originals bands. Gig about 20 times a year. I really enjoy recording and take pride in my sound, which is why I buy and always have top notch gear. I collect vintage ibanez basses and love limited edition or anniversary special run basses. Love tube amps and vintage acoustic USA stuff. Not really into modern sounding instruments and rigs.


    Proudly using Warwick, Spector, Musicman, Aguilar, Darkglass and Ampeg.

    Elementos, by Metalurgia
    Dimensiones: Espacio
    Dimensiones: Tiempo
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