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    Current Setup:
    Alembic Dragon Wing 4 string Cocobolo
    Alembic Essence 5 string 5A Quilt Maple
    Spector Euro 4LX Poplar Burl high gloss
    Spector Woodstock NS2 SE #10 of 14 Walnut Burl
    Spector REX5 Holoflash neckthru
    Gibson SG Supreme Lavaburst bass limited run
    Gibson SG Supreme Blonde 5A top limited run
    Gibson 50th Anniversary Thunderbird IV
    Gibson 2015 Thunderbird IV
    Gibson 2021 Non Reverse Thunderbird IV
    Gibson EB4 five string
    Gibson Memphis ES Les Paul Gold Top bass
    Epiphone Goth Thunderbird (China) wide neck
    Epiphone Goth Thunderbird (China) slim neck
    Epiphone FrankenGoth 2017 (China) slim neck
    Epiphone Ebony Thunderbird IV VIntage Pro
    Greco 1977 Tobacco Burst Thunderbird II
    Greco 1990 white Thunderbird IV
    Acacia Pink Sparkle Thunderbolt 5 Non Reverse
    Dingwall D-Bird Aquamarine sparkle
    Warwick Vampyre 5 NT Blood Red
    Warwick Thumb BO5, 1998 Wenge/Wenge
    Warwick Thumb BO4, 2008 Flaming Blonde Ltd
    Fender 1968 Precision bass all original Oly White
    Fender Modern Player Tele bass, Butterscotch
    Fender P Bass Plus (1992) Pearl Black Burst
    Fender CIJ (1994) Telecaster Bass Flower Print
    Fender CIJ (1994) Telecaster Bass Pink Paisley
    Fender Starcaster Modern Player
    Pre-EB MM Stingray 1979 Black, FM Neck
    Squier Mustang Sunburst
    Squier Bronco heavily modded
    Squier Jaguar P/J short scale hot rodded
    Kala U-Bass Mahogany "Moose"
    Reverend Rumblefish 5L Blackwood
    Danelectro Longhorn short scale Korean reissue
    Breedlove Acoustic 5 string
    North PMJ-5 Deluxe Bass Limba/Rosewood Cream
    North PMP-5 Bass Ash/Maple Black
    North BlingBird VI Bass Poplar/Maple Semi Hollow
    North NR Tbird ‘68 Mod Shorline Gold Wenge
    North NR Butterscotch Blonde ThunderCaster
    Rainsong AE bass (owned by Entwistle & Haslip)
    1980 Musicman HD150 Guitar and Bass Tube Amp
    Thunderfunk TFB-420 amp
    Bergantino HT-322 cab
    GK MB210 500watt combo (33lbs of pure muscle)
    Sansamp VT Stompbox
    2010 Fender Blacktop/Maple HH Stratocaster
    1974 Fender Mustang Guitar - Surf's up Sunburst!
    2012 Squier Surf Stratocaster - Surf Green
    Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitar Black quilt maple
    Fender Acoustisonic acoustic guitar amp
    Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere guitar pedal
    Blackstar HT Dual guitar distortion pedal
    Digitec multi effects guitar pedal
    Digitec multi effects bass pedal
    Previously Owned Gear:
    2005 Stingray 5 Egyptian Smoke Silver (like the 2 band better)
    Musicman SUB5 active bass (donated parts to fellow TB'er)
    Pedulla PentaBuzz Fretless 5 (nice but don't play fretless often)
    G&L Tribute 2500 (Swiss army knife with only one good tool)
    Aguilar DB-750 amp (beat by SVT-VR)
    Aguilar GS-412 cab (beat by BergNV610)
    Ashdown Mag 300 evoII 210combo (too heavy!)
    Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Bass preamp (good but not great, VT pedal works better)
    Ampeg SVT VR tube amp
    Bergantino NV610 cab
    Ampeg 1x15 combo
    Squier Jazz 5
    BaCH Ebony Thunderbird II Non Reverse
    Fender American Deluxe Jazz 5
    G.A.S. List:
    Alembic Tribute Guitar or series one bass
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Outdoor stuff, Golf, Cars...


    THUNDERBIRD - a tool for every job. (306)
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